Wanderbites: A Food Blog & Food Photography Studio

The video above probably sums up Wanderbites journey as a food blog, a traveler and a food photography company better than the paragraph I wrote below it. However, I still receive a lot of questions, I’d answer them below.

Why Wanderbites?

Wander as in Wanderlust – An incurable desire to travel
Bites as in MattBites.com – Yep, am a huge fan of his food photography.

A Little About me

top indonesian food blogger jakarta

That’s me. I’m Ruby. I’d suggest stalking through my Instagram @captainruby for a quick reference on what I believe in.

Call me a food blogger, food writer, whatever, but I prefer the term “Food Storyteller” cause essentially that’s what I love, sharing stories of food, travel, culinary hits and misses. If you happen to resound with the stories, that’s cool. If it doesn’t, it is totally okay and you are more than welcomed to share your version of stories.

I love food and I live from it

I do, really. I’m a food photographer & videographer. I write on this blog and some other publication. I was in a team who built food app. I consult restaurants on digital marketing initiatives and activation.

Why I Think You Should Get Connected To Us

If you love food. If you love travel. If you believe that both restaurant and streetfood are equally important to represent a country’s culinary richness. If you trust in honest review. If you enjoy beautiful photos and well crafted stories. Then I think you’d want getting those stories regularly. Feel free to subscribe at the bottom of this page and don’t worry we hate spam as much as you do. Haha.

Weapon of Choice

I get asked about this a lot. For blog purpose I use mostly my trustable Fuji XE-2 or iPhone 5s. For professional food photography works, I have my Canon 5DMarkIII and most of the time I couple it with the awesome 100mm f/2.8 Macro Lens for super sharp images.

Further Stalking

Lately I pretty much live in the Instagram world a lot more than everywhere else. So yeah, I’d like to meet you there too. Let’s stalk each other. Here’s where you can find me other than this blog:

Instagram: @captainruby
Google Plus: +FellexandroRuby
Linked In: Fellexandro Ruby
Twitter: @wanderbites
Facebook: Fellexandro Ruby

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  1. Michael Toa

    Hello there! Salam kenal 🙂
    I came across your charming blog today and what a great discovery. Love your style of food storytelling and gorgeous photos too (and great video too). I look forward to following your journey.
    Have a delicious day.

    Michael aka your new stalker

  2. Maya

    Ruby, I have always admired your stories and the lovely pictures that come with it. I’ve also got the feeling that lately you just keep getting better and better. Keep it up and keep ’em coming! 🙂

  3. Rian

    Dear sir,

    You inspired me to make a food travel blog like you, hope I can make it as soon as possible!!

    Bissous xoxo

  4. Laura Angelia

    Hey, Capt! (just stalked your instagram)

    Gosh I’m so in love with your website!
    Makes my heart beats faster as I’m clicking from one link to another, just like the ‘love at a first sight’ feelings..
    I wish I could write & take pictures as great as you.. As well as having an amazing site like this one!
    I can slightly tell how creative the mind you have up there just by looking around here..
    You inspired me to be better, thank you so much!
    In the mean time, keep up your work of art, love for food and of course, travel!


  5. Melissa

    Hi Tribbiani :-),
    great website! Was just looking up some cool indo foodbloggers and come across your gem, good stuff. We just moved here from Amsterdam and are “cooking” some new stuff. We should grab a coffee once.
    Cheers, Andrew & Melissa

  6. Amelia Wulandari

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    terimakasih sebelumnya atas waktu dan perhatiannya.

  7. Eko Kupret

    Liked your review about Habitual… Love that place and the couple who runs it. Lokes yourr storytelling-style even more.

    Based in Bali, runs a small FB business (there, I said it) and a closet writer. Pity we didn’t bump during Ubud Food Festival.. Well, was on duty lah..

    Drop me a line when you’re in Bali lah. Have cup of java somewhere,

    Will follow your instagram also, hope to see more pic from you



  8. Riny

    Hi.. Ruby..
    i am Riny .. dari Sriboga, kami sedang mencari food photography .mohon dapat menghubungi saya 085782689427. pls Asap.. thanks

  9. Clem McCulloch

    Hi Ruby, I work for a marketing research company called Space Doctors (based in Brighton, in the UK). I’d love to talk with you about doing some research work with us – I love your blog, and we’re always on the lookout for people with interesting perspectives into global markets and trends, so I think you’d be perfect for it if you’re interested. We use an app called Cymbol (www.cymbol.org.uk) to conduct our research; please take a look at the site to learn a bit more about what it entails.

    Please do get in touch if you’re interested in hearing more,


  10. Cynthia

    Hi Ruby, please introduce myself. My name is Cynthia from Hotel Swiss-Belinn Manyar Surabaya.
    On this Thursday, 26th November we will have a Romantic Wine & Dine Dinner by The Pool, as we want to celebrate Thanksgiving day.
    We will served an enticing 4-course set menu, like Beef Mushroom Sauce using US Angus Beef for the main course and Pear Sabayon Sauce and for sure all of them is exclusive. Wine and Turkey is on the table too, so on behalf of the management, i want to invite you to come and taste the food and you could share it on your blog about your experiences.

    if you don’t mind, maybe we can talk much more on my email prsimy@swiss-belhotel.com or my LINE ID : cynmar.cynthia

    Thank You
    and wait for your good news 🙂

    Cynthia Maria

  11. aditya

    Selamat siang, saya adit dari mistercakalang indonesia,
    Kalau boleh mau minta tolong agak produk kami di review..

    Jika perlu foto atau info” lainnya, silahkan hubungi kami via email atau

    Line: @mistercakalang
    instagram : mistercakalang
    08 99999 8838

    Terima kasih,
    Aditya Pratama

  12. Joey

    Hi Ruby, I was wondering if you have any tips on starting a food blog, or starting something like this on instagram? I was looking through your blog and thought it would be a cool idea to try it out.

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