Food Review


Bakmi Mewah: Sejatinya Bakmi Ayam Restaurant

Jarang menulis dalam Bahasa Indonesia bukan berarti tidak menikmati menulis dalam Bahasa Indonesia. Jarang posting mie instan bukan berarti tidak menikmati mie instan. Jarang menunjukkan kasih sayang di publik, bukan berarti tidak sayang. Eaaaa, curhat. Maaf..

Indomie Real Meat: Indomie, Elevated

What is it about Indomie that hooks you in? Is it the tried-and-tested umami flavor that every Indonesian loves? The affordable price that befriends every college student? The hunger-inducing aroma that fills the room when the..

Cookies & Cakes by Renata Hampers

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas here at our little food photography studio, thanks to Renata Hampers for merry-ing it up with these cookies and cakes. We were just looking at a number of..