Episode IV: A New Hope for Indonesian Cuisine

There is one thing happening in the past year that is as exciting as the Star Wars saga: The stars are aligned almost perfectly and Indonesian cuisine is officially on the right track to start achieving..

Funny Sh*t Customers Say

Eight years down into the industry. From a food blogger to a food photographer, and now somehow end up doing a bit of consulting. A number of funny stories about customers eventually come up during my..

Appetti: More Than Your Regular Food Directory

Another day, another case of deciding what to eat for breakfast, Or lunch. And dinner. It’s one of those dreaded questions that haunt you daily, just like “What to wear today?” Basic and mundane, but you..

Which City You’d Want To Retire In?

In the past few years, I’ve traveled quite a bit, fall in and out of love of different cities. During that time I also asked a lot of people the question above and been getting varied..