What Did You Have for Breakfast This Morning?

Breakfast Cereal

Scroll for motivational quotes on Pinterest, and it is likely that at some point you’re going to find the quote “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. Is it, really? Yes, it is the meal that begins your day. But what else? Why is it the most important meal of the day and not lunch, brunch, or dinner?

Ms. Ece Durukan—Regional Nutrition and External Affairs Manager of Nestle—who is also a nutritionist, explained the importance of breakfast on a Breakfast Talkshow a couple of weeks ago. It is more than just that extra kick in starting your day.

The fate of our future inadvertently depends on breakfast.

According to a research in Bali, children who eat breakfast perform better at school. Way better. Up to 4 times better. The research didn’t even rule out unhealthy food or the amount of breakfast. As children are the face of our future, can you imagine what would happen if all of them ate proper meal in the morning?

Aside from that, people with breakfast habit are proven to have good Body Mass Index, which means they are less likely to suffer from obesity. It is also linked with great physical and emotional well-being. Look good, feel good. Who doesn’t want that?

Breakfast Cereal

Why Whole Grains?

After describing why breakfast is essential in our life, Ms. Ece continued by explaining why whole grains should be a part of everyone’s morning meal. Compared to refined grains, whole grains still have the three main components of grains in its natural state: endosperm, bran, and germ.

The making of refined grains usually throw away bran and germ, while those two contain plenty of fibers, nutrients, vitamins, and minerals—components that should be on your breakfast. Whole grains are also better than the typical Indonesian breakfast of fried rice and sweetened tea, which supply your body only with carbs and sugar.

Breakfast Cereal

The trick is to find products carried by brands that you can trust. Nestle, for example, incorporates a strict whole grains quality control in their Nestle breakfast cereal line-up. Another trick is to read the Nutritional Facts on the box, “Look for products with ‘whole grains’ written first on the list. If it comes after sugar, you know that the product is loaded with sugar instead of whole grains”.

Thank you Nestle, for the enlightening morning. It surely made me think of the fried rice I had earlier today and all of those missed breakfasts. Cheers to a healthier breakfast filled with plenty of whole grains, for apparently it is what it takes to create a better future. Don’t forget to eat it within 2 hours of waking up!

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