Feast with Wanderbites Vol.02 : United by Indonesian Food at Plataran Menteng

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How time flies! It has been a little over one month since Feast with Wanderbites Vol.01, and now we’re back with Vol.02. Still in the pursuit of instilling more love for Indonesian food, the venue this time is Plataran Menteng. Although we went there only a couple of weeks ago, the timing is just right since Plataran is having a special one-month “True Indonesian Flavors” campaign.

While last time we requested people to share what is their most favorite article on Wanderbites and why, this time, sticking to the Indonesian theme, we asked people to mention a friend along with his or her favorite Indonesian food. There were more than 130 comments, and it was really hard to pick only two. Eventually, @yanamurci—huge fan of everything with kecap manis, plus telenovela expert extraordinaireand @glawreuhs—photographer and sambel goreng pete enthusiast—were deemed winners of Feast with Wanderbites Vol.02.

Our lunch at Plataran Menteng is filled with stories and good food. From the True Indonesian Flavors menu, the stand outs are Nasi Tibu and Menthok Geol-Geol. The Labuan Bajo-style Nasi Tibu is cooked in bamboo, making it super fragrant. Meanwhile, Menthok Geol-Geol is Plataran Borobudur’s signature dish that serves up juicy Javanese duck simmered in green curry. With those two and everyone’s favorite dish Bola-Bola Cokro, conversations flow easily. Despite our different backgrounds, at the end of the day, Indonesian food unites us all.

Hopefully we’ll be able to make Feast with Wanderbites a regular thing to see more of you, our loyal Biters. Subscribe to the blog and follow our Instagram so you won’t miss a thing. See you at Feast with Wanderbites Vol.03!

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