We Try Everything: Best Japanese Cheesecake in Jakarta

We Try Everything Best Japanese Cheesecake in Jakarta

Three and a half years ago, I went to Japan and had my first taste of Kinotoya’s BAKE cheese tart. My first reaction was: This got to be a hit in Indonesia. Most Indonesians love everything milky and cheesy, and this cheese tart would fit our tastebuds. So I took home 2-3 dozens of frozen BAKE cheese tart and gave them to a number chefs to replicate. No one succeeded, most likely because of the difference in ingredients.

Even when there are so many Japanese cheesecake in Jakarta at the moment, for me, BAKE—not available in Indonesia yet. Can someone bring them here, please?—still has a slight edge above the rest. Having said that, I applaud everyone who has brought other Japanese cheesecake brands or tried to recreate this menu. Any kind of effort to make Jakarta’s culinary scene more colorful is always appreciated.

We Try Everything Best Japanese Cheesecake in Jakarta
Too much cheese? Yes? No?
We Try Everything Best Japanese Cheesecake in Jakarta
Purchased everything by ourselves

Anyway. What is We Try Everything? We at Wanderbites always want to challenge our work, push our creative boundaries, and up the quality of our content. We’ve done the review route hundreds of times and made a number of lists that are hopefully helpful to you (check out here or here). Consider We Try Everything as a new kind of review. After all, what is the most valid way to compare products if not eating all of them in one go?

For those of you who are pressed on time (read: too lazy to read), scroll to the bottom of this article to directly watch the video.

So this was how We Try Everything: Best Japanese Cheesecake in Jakarta went. We invited random people via social media. On the day, eleven people came, six male and five female. We then bought nine Japanese cheesecakes available in the market right now, and everyone had a taste of everything. Then we voted. Each had to explain why that particular cheesecake was their pick. Here are the contenders for the best Japanese cheesecake in Jakarta: Tokiosei, Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart, Hokkaido Baby, Ezo, Kibo, Fuwa-Fuwa, Uncle Tetsu, Pablo, and DORÉ by LeTAO.

We Try Everything Best Japanese Cheesecake in Jakarta
We Try Everything Best Japanese Cheesecake in Jakarta
Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart
We Try Everything Best Japanese Cheesecake in Jakarta
Hokkaido Baby
We Try Everything Best Japanese Cheesecake in Jakarta
We Try Everything Best Japanese Cheesecake in Jakarta
We Try Everything Best Japanese Cheesecake in Jakarta
Fuwa Fuwa
We Try Everything Best Japanese Cheesecake in Jakarta
We Try Everything Best Japanese Cheesecake in Jakarta
Uncle Tetsu
We Try Everything Best Japanese Cheesecake in Jakarta
Best Japanese Cheesecake
Our result

The parameter was which cheesecake would you miss the most and come back for. There were three categories: tart (ones with crust), cake (no crust), and overall. Two names stood out in the tart category, Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart and Hokkaido Baby. Voters liked the former because of the right milky quality to it, while the latter because of the golden-brown crust and not-too-sweet cheese fillings. Meanwhile, in the cake side of things, the votes were divided between the fluffy Uncle Tetsu, the molten Kibo, and the luxurious DORÉ. When asked once again to pick just one among all, Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart and DORÉ won. People who voted for DORÉ appreciated the high quality ingredients and how the frozen fromage would turn into the perfect melting condition in their mouth.

Does this mean that those brands will be the ones who survive in the next 3-4 years? Maybe yes, maybe no. Natural selection will be the answer to that. Remember a year or two back when everyone started making cold-pressed juices? Look at how many have retired from the race. At the end of the day, how a brand responds to the market’s need is the most important thing. Trend may pass, but good quality products don’t lie.

We Try Everything: Best Japanese Cheesecake in Jakarta is not about finding the worst cheesecake, but knowing which one stands out above the rest. But keep in mind that a perfect food that can please every tastebud does not exist. In our results, there are always at least two that are neck and neck in each category. Taste is an individual preference, so when your brand doesn’t get any vote in We Try Everything, please don’t take it personally. Perhaps your market is simply different from our volunteers.

We Try Everything Best Japanese Cheesecake in Jakarta
BTS action

Let us know what you think about We Try Everything. We realize it’s not perfect, so any kind of feedback would be appreciated. Shout-out to anyone who would love to collaborate with us on the next episode of We Try Everything. Drop us a comment below or e-mail to hello@wanderbites.com. Direct message on Instagram works too.

Being the research and data geek that we are, we’ve also done a one-week long online polling asking about your personal favorite. The results are in and here they are:

Best Japanese Cheesecake in Jakarta
Your result

Apparently the results are not that much different from ours, except #TeamCake is winning. Most of you definitely have an appreciation for luxurious ingredients 😉

Not sure what we’re gonna try next, but for now, we’re happy to have done this. Please enjoy the video. See you next time!

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  • Hello, thank you for very nice article.
    I just want to give some suggestion about the size of cheese cake/tarts you used in this fun experiments because I think the size really makes a difference in taste and overall outcomes.
    For example, in tart category, you bought the big size Pablo,then for the other brands , you used the small size tarts. I think it is a bit unfair for Pablo because from what I know the smaller Pablo has better taste and texture (correct me if I’m wrong).
    It also applies to cheese cake category.
    In the future, I hope you will consider the cake size version for better judgement and fair results.
    Thank you once again for nice article. Really love it.

    • Hi Rio.

      Thank you for the input. The point here is that there are so many choices out there, we are trying to look at this from customers point of view. They don’t really bother categorizing big tart, small tart, cake and what not, for what I know, the cheesecake can be interchangeable with Union’s Red Velvet. They want something sweet as dessert and just go for what taste good. I don’t know why you’re standing up for Pablo only particularly. But hey, if the big tart is what Pablo put on their menu, then they should make sure it taste good. How should I know that the small one taste better than the big one? If its there, it should be good, especially considering they only have a few menu. We bought it because we want to try the more expensive one. After all, price should determines value right?

  • nice article! just right what I need. I favour BAKE, too. let’s hope somebody would bring it here soon. anyway, I prefer Tokiosei for the filling that doesn’t overpower. just appropriate. you could also try Pablo’s mini cheesetart. I like their crust best. different texture, thicker and a bit rougher. for the bigger cake sibling, I don’t think DORE’s can be included in the same league. it’s more French style than the traditional Japanese cake. I vote for Uncle Tetsu. more fluffy, less milky. very soft.

    • Hi David, thank you for writing your thoughts. We appreciate it. Help us vote on the platform http://bit.ly/cheesecakevoting if you haven’t so we got your voice in. I also think Dore is at the different league, but then again, the idea is it is all out there for the customers to try and it is under the same ‘cheese’ category, so the article is trying to position ourselves from the point of view of customers. They simply just want to enjoy food, maybe cheesecake and red velvet at Union is actually interchangeable for them. See what I’m saying?

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