Esprecielo Allure Vanilla Green Tea Latte: #BerasaNgafe

Have you ever experienced one of those days when you feel like having a cup of your favorite drink at a café, but your PJs are too comfy and taking even one single step outside the house might give you physical pain? Yes, I feel you brothers and sisters. For emergencies like this, Esprecielo Allure Vanilla Green Tea Latte comes to the rescue.

The original bottled Allure Green Tea Latte turned out to be one of my favorite bottled drinks, thus I was skeptical about how the vanilla version would fare. First, let’s take a look at the difference. To distinguish the two, Esprecielo puts blue-green label on the vanilla version, whereas the original one has white-green one. Visually, both have the liquid in the color of murky green.

It won’t be until you take a sniff that the difference becomes clear.

Allure Vanilla Green Tea Latte
When it’s 3PM and you’re too lazy to go anywhere, Allure Vanilla Green Tea Latte is here.

Vanilla is one of the most beloved natural fragrance and flavorings in the world, and it actually works well with green tea. The addition of vanilla makes Allure Vanilla Green Tea Latte smells, and tastes sweeter. Richer, more complex. Once sipped, vanilla is the first thing that touches your palate, followed by the creamy and slightly bitter milky matcha taste. After that, vanilla hits again and leaves a sweet aftertaste at the back of your throat. Very, very smooth.

The indulging vanilla is the main reason why Allure Vanilla Green Tea Latte is a different drink to the original. In other words, I would drink the two at separate occasions. When it comes to taking a break between work, I would go for the one without vanilla. Meanwhile, for those lazy days at home where I only feel like doing Youtube and chill, but still wanting to feel that I’m at my favorite café? Allure Vanilla Green Tea Latte is my girl.

Allure Vanilla Green Tea Latte
Chill + Allure Vanilla Green Tea Latte = #BerasaNgafe

At the end of the day, I kinda like both of them. Both are made using high-quality ingredients, real matcha leaves, and skimmed milk. Vanilla is a natural relaxant and stress reliever, so for me there’s no question which one I would pick when Bruno Mars’ Lazy Song is my jam. And maybe also at times when traffic jam strikes and I need something calming. Wouldn’t want to start honking excessively and cause a fight, right?

How about you? Which one is your favorite out of those two?

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