Resep Spaghetti Ala Moinblog (Special Appearance: Christian Bong)

resep spaghetti

Happy, senang, exciteeddd untuk share satu video lagi buat teman-teman yang doyan makan dan doyan masak. Resep Spaghetti ini adalah resep dadakan dari Vendry ( Kenapa bisa dadakan? Karena sebenernya dia ga tau dia mesti masak apa sampai dia sampai di studio Wanderbites. Haha.

Keseruan pun makin bertambah waktu kita challenge untuk memasak dengan bahan-bahan yang terbatas. Mau tau gimana hasilnya? Langsung aja ditonton video Resep Spaghetti ala Moinblog. Kita namain official namenya “Angry Aglio Olio”.

Check it out and let us know what you think! Jangan lupa follow, like, comment dan share videonya kalau memang suka yaaa.


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  • Thanks for the video. As I don’t understand your language at all, at least I can see what you are doing. Looks delicious. Just linked it on my Le Gourmand – Das Geniesser-Magazin fanpage on FB. I would even ad some more garlic and lots of cherry tomatoes. And ad the chicken to the mushrooms, not using a third pan. But yeah, here we go, looks marvelous! 🙂

  • by the way, do you know that “Moin” is norther german dialect and means “Good Morning” as well as “Good Day”, Good Afternoon, Good Night… In northern Germany people are lazy to talk. And there is to much wind so chances are high to get some flying insects into your mouth while talking. So they just say “Moin” when greeting someone else. Your Moinblog could also be a title of a german blog – in other words 😉

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