Break Time: Esprecielo Allure Green Tea Latte

Esprecielo Allure Green Tea Latte

The journey to get my hands on a bottle of Esprecielo Allure Green Tea Latte this weekend was not easy. Success came only after browsing countless rows of products; almost giving up and deciding to give one more location a shot; not to mention visiting three big chain supermarkets and two convenience stores. Date and Time: Saturday, 8:30 PM. Location: Random minimarket at a newly-opened apartment in West Jakarta. Why is this drink so popular that 80% of stores manage to run out of stock?

I first heard of Esprecielo many years ago, thanks to their packaged latte drink. It started as a small business. A lot of people love the drink, and the brand continues to do well. It’s actually one of the reasons why we want to share about Esprecielo. We need more stories like this, which proves that a small business that comes up with a good product, is consistent, and always on the quest to be better, can be big. In a way, this is not your regular review. It’s an inspiring story for all of us.

Esprecielo Allure Green Tea
A glass of Esprecielo Allure Green Tea keeps the boredom away!
Esprecielo Allure Green Tea
Looks like a proper break time, right?

Esprecielo put lots of thoughts and care into their products, including perfecting the taste, using high quality ingredients, and great marketing strategy. Yes, I’m talking about that short movie by Esprecielo featuring Glenn Alinskie and Chelsea Olivia on Youtube, which practically haunted my Youtube recommendation list last year. Somehow it refused to go away before I watched the whole thing.

At a glance, the color of Esprecielo Allure Green Tea Latte seems darker compared to other brands. The murky green color comes from the use of real Japanese matcha mixed with skimmed milk. For those of you unfamiliar with the difference between matcha and regular green tea, matcha is made of finely-ground leaves. The process is more complicated than a simple brewing of tea leaves, making matcha very intense in color, texture, and flavor.

Esprecielo Allure Green Tea
Murky color is good! Because it means they use real matcha.

While Indonesians are notorious for being huge fans of sweet beverages, Esprecielo Allure Green Tea decides to be different. Instead of being super sweet, the flavor still accentuates a little bit of natural bitterness that matcha has. I personally prefer to chill it in the refrigerator beforehand and serve it with some ice cubes, then drink it sometime in the afternoon when I need a break from work. I know someone who prefers to add some more sugar. I also know some people who like the powder version better. In a nutshell, I apparently know a lot of people who like this drink.

To answer my question in the first paragraph, perhaps the popularity boils down to taste and flexibility. There’s the powder version if you want a hot beverage on a rainy day. You can add some more ice if you need something refreshing. And in case you need a dose of sappy romance, you can always watch that video on Youtube, of course, accompanied with a bottle of Esprecielo Allure Green Tea.

All of us at Wanderbites enjoy Esprecielo Allure Green Tea. Have you tried it? Or perhaps, do you want to try it after reading this? Let us know.

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