Indomie Real Meat: Indomie, Elevated

Indomie Real Meat

What is it about Indomie that hooks you in?
Is it the tried-and-tested umami flavor that every Indonesian loves?
The affordable price that befriends every college student?
The hunger-inducing aroma that fills the room when the noodle is boiling in the pot?
Or is it Indomie’s constant innovation in creating something new?

If your answer is all of the above, you’re gonna love Indomie Real Meat.

I had not come down yet from the Indomie goreng rasa kuah high when Indomie Real Meat arrived at the market. Since goreng rasa kuah made such a huge impression on me, I wasn’t sure Real Meat was going to live up to the hype. Well, it did. It does.

The Chicken Mushroom Indomie Real Meat variant is packed in a fancy black and red box, a far cry from the usual thin plastic packaging. The chilli sauce is in a paste form, not powder. Both the chicken meat and mushroom go inside one pouch, and there is no dried seasoning. Different, in a good way. Definitely not your two-thousand-Rupiah Indomie, but it is still Indomie.

Indomie Real Meat

Visual? Check. For eight-thousand-Rupiah, Indomie Real Meat offers ample real chunks of chicken meat. The noodle portion is more or less the same with the usual Indomie, therefore people with big appetite might want to cook two portions.

Smell? The special Indomie aroma is there, and that alone is a big checkmark in my book.

Taste? Think of your favorite Indomie goreng, cranked up a notch. There’s this kick of sweetness that is well-balanced by the chilli paste, while the noodle is springy yet firm. Add that with a sunny side up egg and chopped fresh chilli on top, you’ll find yourself thinking of one of those fine afternoons eating chicken noodle with friends at a street vendor while sweating under the unforgiving Jakarta sun.

Indomie Real Meat has become a fine addition in my instant noodle repertoire. I’m trying not to eat more than one serving of instant noodle in a week, but with so many yummy types of Indomie to choose from, I might have to rearrange my schedule!

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