Uncle Tetsu Central Park - From Japan, to Sydney, to Malaysia, finally Jakarta

Bystanders race into the empty queue lines. Hands open and toss plenty dough inside the open kitchen. The smell of cheese and milk radiates the vicinity. The scene is set: it’s the new Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake shop down in Central Park on a regular weekday.

It has only been a couple of weeks since the Central Park outlet opened, yet they have been greeting waves and waves of customers rushing to get their hands on the tender goodness. 25 years ago, Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake began its origins in Fukuoka Japan, with Uncle Tetsu himself pioneering his first cheesecake store. Now he thinks that he should spread his famous dessert to downtown Jakarta. That’s great for us!

Central Park’s Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake store has no windows – only open wooden frames – inviting customers to see and smell what’s baking inside. Mixing machines and baking trays are placed in the store’s fronts, showing from start to finish the life of a cake; and gawking customers are no strange thing to see here. The branding of the cheesecakes are a satisfying sight to see, and customers know when to look through the bell ringing each time a cake is branded with the Tetsu logo.

After a considerable 30 minutes, the team finally got up close to one of Tetsu’s cheesecakes. The Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake logo beamed as we opened the large red box. The cake’s top had the unmistakable crispy golden look to it, while its bottom offered a rocky, mousse-like texture that is incredibly soft to the touch. The cake split itself like butter as we cut through with the provided plastic knife. We took a bite, then another, then kept slicing – Tetsu’s cheesecake, as quoted from its website, “melted into [our] mouths and always leaves [us] wanting more.” Each bite was equal parts milky and soft, with a considerable hint of cheesiness. However, a few mouths are needed to finish the whole thing – again, just by seeing it, one can notice its sharing portion. We won’t stop you from eating it yourself though!

It was the real deal. Tetsu knew it, the long queues knew it, and we knew it. Combined with its limited opening discount and accessible location, Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake will see many more crowded lines to come by and get themselves a piece.


Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake Central Park
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/uncletetsuindonesia/
Price range: 50k (on discount), 80k normal cheesecake
Google Maps: Click Here


Photos by Jeloy Tirie, Michelle Sinjobantaeng, and Lukas Manuel

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Jeloy Tirie

I write, snap, shoot, and edit for Wanderbites. Eats a bit more extra than necessary. Though I can't handle too much caffeine in one sitting.


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