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The restaurant that I’m happy to review are the ones that start their invitation email by addressing themselves personally. With words that honestly want to make friends not just transactional. After all, how can I refuse a friend’s request.

The restaurant that I’m happy to review are the ones that appreciate the fact that we are also normal humans that have a full time job and responsibilities. With that in mind, their invitation wouldn’t be on a Tuesday during lunch time in a place far far away.

The restaurant that I’m happy to review are the ones that have authentic stories to share. No, not that PR release crafted to suit 1000 media at the same time. I won’t be where I am today by writing the same thing that everyone is telling.

The restaurant that I’m happy to review are the ones that have their person in charge sharing the same meal that I’m having. Taking time to build on a wonderful experience on top of good food.

The restaurant that I’m happy to review are the ones that says “Please tell us whatever you honesty think about our food. After all that’s the only way we can improve. Not by praises, but by criticism.” And they actually meant that by not being defensive when I spill my two cents.

The restaurants that I’m happy to review are the ones that have read my other article on Why We Should Write Honest Review. Then we can talk about making the industry better together, not pointing fingers at each other. It’s a symbiotic habitat we’re living in. We decide whether its going to be mutual or not.

The restaurant that I’m happy to review are the ones that understand we are not magicians. The best we can do is to share stories about you and let as many readers know about you. But whether people decide to come are something off of our control. Whether people who did come returns is even beyond us. The moment of truth is always the food & the real experience at your place.

The restaurant that I’m happy to review are the ones that doesn’t treat us as booty call. An invitation just a day before the event? Come on, you can do better than that. Refer back to my point above. Even a friends’ wedding invitation come at least a week in advance. What makes yours even more special than theirs that you can summon us with one night’s notice?

Have I met these ideal restaurants in the five years that I’m blogging?

If so, why are you writing these?
Because compared to the ones that did it right, there’s still a lot more that misses and I’d like to contribute to the industry for the better.

I’m @captainruby, signing off. If you’re restaurant owner or fellow blogger let’s have a fruitful conversation in the comment section below.

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Fellexandro Ruby

Food photographer, and story teller sharing his passion in food, travel, culinary hits and highlights. Always on the mission to make you drool. Founder of

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  • After i read your new post here, my reaction was, honestly, geez, i wanna write like that. And geez, he’s so right, so extremely right, because i’ve experienced both sides. And since i have invited you, i hope my invitation did you justice and hopefully it did not treat you like you’re a booty call whatsoever.

    And as a new blogger, i couldn’t agree more. But at the same time, i know for a fact bloggers or instagrammers who beg to review, in the least nicest way. There should be a drill or a know-how sharing among bloggers. So that there will be no more of these loose ends from both sides.

    I positively hope that that day will come, soon.

  • Also.. The restaurant that I’m happy to review are the ones that knows who are they talking with.. Who knows where I live, and at least knows my name.. It’s weird when you get some invitations from out of town, less than a week before their openings, saying they love my blog but yet they and replied “Oh I thought you live in Jakarta”.. Then after some conversations on e-mails, they suddenly changed my name into someone else’s.. So weird..

    The ones that really appreciates us as the people who has the love for foods, not just called us and expected us to take pictures and promote them on instagram.. while the rest are history..

    Uda ah.. Bisa curcol berat nih klo dilanjutin..

    • Hahaha. Spot on Laura! I got a lot of emails where the heading says “Hi Wanderbites” but the closing says “Thank You Anak Jajan”. Ayo curcol lagi biar pada seriusan dikit klo ngundang, ga ngasal.

  • ‘Please tell us whatever you honesty think about our food … And they actually meant that by not being defensive when I spill my two cents.’

    True … Sometimes when someone asked me the similar question, I was actually confused whether they’re really want to hear what the opinion about the food, or it’s just a ‘basa-basi’ thing … haha!

    Didn’t know that you are already 5 years doing food blogging!! 😮

    * btw, nice pic! 🙂 *

  • Hi Cap Ruby, Fell?
    Anyway, such a nice thing to write. Baru tahu ternyata anak blogger suka dengan treatment yang lebih casual dan personal.

    Gue sendiri juga seneng banget ketemu blogger. Rasanya seperti ketemu dengan temen-temen yang punya passion sama di makanan dan bukan sekedar bisnis. Sekedar sharing, gue sendiri agak takut saat pertama kali ketemu atau ngajakin anak blogger ketemu, terkadang apakah mereka mau dateng ke acara yang memang ujungnya adalah hoping they will put it in their blog or instagram at least.

    Ketakutan gue lebih kayak batas sopan untuk mengundang mereka seperti apa sih? Mereka mau nggak yah datang tanpa ada “endorsement fee”? Atau itu malah buat mereka tersinggung atau malah tersinggung kalau ada fee?

    Seperti diawal, gue sendiri nggak tahu harus manggil lo apa. Apakah itu menandakan ketidak kompeten atau menurunkan nilai gue dimata blogger seperti lo Fell?

    I will totally share this with my piers, so they will know how the blogger feels and thinks. Great insight!

    • Hi Teddy,

      First of all, addressing my name or how I’m referred to on Instagram is a great start. So, your question on menurunkan nilai karena ga tau manggil apa is solved.

      Second. Thank you thank you for writing back. I assume you’re in the F&B business from the restaurant side? Seneng nih kalau ada obrolan yang interaktif. Food blogger juga manusia kok. Kalau temenan & you’re the owner of the resto masa kita minta endorsement fee? Tapi, kalau meminta orang untuk dateng di jam tertentu & hari tertentu & request postingan di socmed atau blog secepatnya itu = kerja. And kalau judulnya kerja its very reasonable ada timbal baliknya.

      I personally prefers the casual approach and I know a lot of my peers are on the same page.

      Thank you & please do share!

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