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Resep Seru Buka Puasa: 3 Ketupat Food Video

Here’s the last episode of Wanderbites TV, Ramadhan special food video on Vidio.com. This time we focus on the number one dish associated with Eid Mubarak: Ketupat. This diamond-shaped packed rice is usually served with Opor..

Nutella Mug Cake : Weekend Simple Baking

It’s Saturday and you want to impress your kids, your boyfriend, your mom or even your dog? You can rely on this because only Nutella can make everyone’s happy and this recipe sure as hell is..

Food Recipe: Strawberry Float!

Something cool. Something fresh. Something easy. Yes, you can have a little fun at home, at the office, or wherever you are with this simple food recipe. Plus, them Strawberries are good source of Vitamin C..