Resep Seru Buka Puasa: From Cola Chicken to Bola King Kong Cooking Videos!

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Welcome to another episode of Wanderbites TV, Ramadhan special cooking videos. Last week we shared with you three smoothies recipes for breakfasting up on This week, we play in the kitchen with four more substantial dishes: Cola Chicken, Milky Ramyeon, Fried Marshmallow Roll, and Bola King Kong. These four indeed take a bit longer to make, but still easy and quick for your convenience. We know how hungry you are after 12 hours of no food and drink ?

1. Cola Chicken
The one up above!

2. Milky Ramyeon

3. Fried Marshmallow Roll

4. Bola King Kong

Let us know which one out of those 4 cooking videos in particular interests you. Or maybe, you can make all of them in one go?

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