Fresh Bites—April 2017 : New Restaurant and Cafe in Jakarta

New Restaurant and Cafe in Jakarta April 2017

April 2017 was the month when new restaurant and cafe in Jakarta takes a little pause and slows down a little bit. While previous months’ Fresh Bites articles constantly discovered around ten new spots each month, in April we only managed to find seven new places. Hope you’ll find the list useful for your next food hunt!

1. Leggero Gelato
With the newly opened Sogo Food Hall at Lippo Mall Puri comes new food stalls. One of them is Leggero Gelato. They have quite the interesting flavors, but we’re partial to Raffaello (the white Ferrero, remember?) and Pistachio.

Instagram: @leggerogelato
Address: Sogo Food Hall – St. Moritz, Lippo Mall Puri

2. AB Steak by Akira Back
The famous Akira Back comes with another luxury concept that will fulfill every carnivore’s dream: AB Steak. As the name suggests, this one focuses on premium quality steak. The kind of steak you’d happily pay for and crave again the next day.

Instagram: @absteakjakarta
Address: MD Place Mezzanine Level

3. Sagaleh
Ask any Jakarta foodies about their favorite iced coffee, and chances are Tuku is near the top of the list. Sagaleh is trying to follow Tuku’s recipe for success: quirky name, affordable price, and available via ojek. So far the strategy has worked wonders. Expect more similar establishments to pop out in the near future.

Instagram: @sagaleh
Address: Jl. Petogogan I Gang V No. 2, South Jakarta

4. Nebula Kuningan
After a successful smoothies bowl bar at Ruci’s Joint, Nebula restaurant from Bali expands in Jakarta even further with Nebula Kuningan. The new place still highlights smoothies bowl, with the addition of breakfast and brunch menus, as well as coffee.

Instagram: @nebula.kuningan
Address: Kantor Taman A9, Jl. Dr. Ide Anak Agung Gde Agung Lot 8.9

5. The Halal Guys Indonesia
After months of teasers, NYC-born The Halal Guys finally arrives in Indonesia. The Halal Guys opens with the promise of bringing its world-famous delicious and tasty gyro to Jakarta foodies. Expect long queues these first few weeks.

Instagram: @thehalalguysid
Address: Senayan City

6. Gamsul
Annyeong! From Seoul to Jakarta, Gamsul has landed in Pantai Indah Kapuk to serve all sorts of Korean food. Not yet sure what will be their signature dish, but Joo Muk Rice and Budae-Jigae on Instagram surely look interesting.

Instagram: @gamsuljakarta
Address: Ruko Crown Golf Blok D 62-63, PIK

7. Kabuto Mazesoba
Another variation of Japanese noodle is ready to vie for your attention: Kabuto Mazesoba. A quick Google search will tell you that mazesoba is a soupless dish, just like abura soba. It would be interesting to give it a go and see whether the two are similar or not, because internet has not lead me a definite conclusion on this topic.

Instagram: @kabutomazesoba
Address: Ruko Crown Golf B2 No. 2, PIK

See you next month for another list of new restaurant and cafe in Jakarta!

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