Fresh Bites—June 2017 : New Restaurant in Jakarta

New Restaurant in Jakarta June 2017

Greetings, Wanderbites reader! Happy Eid Mubarak for those of you who celebrate it. Today we come with a list of new restaurant in Jakarta that opened in June 2017. We’re happy to report that things are going as well as ever and there’s no slowing down in our capital city’s F&B scene.

1. Kintaro Sushi
The newly-opened Kintaro Sushi in PIK offers more than 300 traditional and fusion Japanese dishes, custom sushi, and also custom poke bowl. It is famous for Gyu-Kushikatsu and “sushi on a bridge”. Read the complete review here.

Instagram: @kintarosushijkt
Address: Ruko Garden House Blok B 21, PIK

2. Kokoro Mazesoba
Hello Kokoro Mazesoba, you are another proof that soupless soba is officially a trend. Kokoro Mazesoba originates from Tokyo and has numerous outlets all across the world, including in Bangkok, Malaga, Paris, and New York.

Instagram: @kokoromazesoba
Address: Grand Indonesia West Mall, 5th Floor

3. Sushi Taka
Meet one more Japanese fusion restaurant in PIK with crazy presentation, Sushi Taka. Think octopus-shaped ocha cup and Sushi Raclette presented on a plate ornamented with sharks. If that’s your thing, make sure not to miss Sushi Taka.

Instagram: @sushitaka_id
Address: Rukan Crown Golf Blok D No. 11-12, PIK

4. Riso Fritto
PhX Grogol has got another interesting addition to Fuga, Eatlah, Burgushi, and Bottlenose Coffee: Riso Fritto. Expect artisanal fried rice such as Carbonarice and Squid Ink Fried Rice. P.S. The place looks gorgeous!

Instagram: @risofritto
Address: PhX Grogol, Jl. Dr. Susilo Raya No. 342

5. Cocobeet
Another name has joined the healthy food scene in Jakarta. Cocobeet comes from Boston, USA with an array of cold-pressed juices and smoothie bowls.

Instagram: @cocobeetjkt
Address: Senayan City, 5th Floor

6. Lewis & Carroll Flower Market
It seems that Grand Indonesia East Mall has become a hotspot for specialty coffee and tea. After Maarkeze opened last year, now Lewis & Carroll arrives with its array of fine teas. Even better, they also come with lots of beautiful flowers.

Instagram: @lewisandcarrolltea
Address: Grand Indonesia East Mall, Central Dept. Store UG

7. Illy Caffe Indonesia
Illy is one of Italy’s biggest names in coffee. You might have seen a lot of cafés using Illy’s coffee in Jakarta throughout the years, but now it comes with a place of its own in Neo Soho Mall.

Instagram: @illycaffe_indonesia
Address: Neo Soho Mall LG #219

8. Tokiosei
After shaking things up with their black frozen yoghurt, Sour Sally experiments with charcoal even further in Tokiosei. This time, they are incorporating the natural detoxifier in a cheese tart. It, of course, comes in the color black.

Instagram: @tokiosei
Address: Emporium Mall Pluit

9. Sudoet Tjerita
Sudoet Tjerita is a new coffee shop in Central Park / Neo Soho mall area. There’s not much to tell at this point, but it seems that the place has got coffee, pastries, and by-the-window tables. Come, o’ photo enthusiasts!

Instagram: @sudoettjerita
Address: Ruko GSA (near Central Park / Neo Soho)

10. Hawker Chan
Last year Hawker Chan made headlines when they got a Michelin star for their $2 chicken rice and noodle. Since then, they’ve quickly spread their wings to Taiwan, and now to Jakarta.

Instagram: @hawker_chan_id
Address: Ruko Crown Golf Blok D No. 8-10

So that’s it for this month’s edition of Fresh Bites. Two days remain before holiday ends, which means there’s just enough time to hunt these 10 spots. We’ll see you next month for another list of new restaurant in Jakarta.

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