Fresh Bites—September 2017 : New Restaurant & Cafe in Jakarta

Fresh Bites New Restaurant & Cafe in Jakarta

Oh, September. Just another busy month for the F&B scene. We manage to compile a list of ten new restaurant & cafe in Jakarta. Two of them are franchise from famous places overseas. Just another proof of point number one from our Jakarta Food Trend Watching 2017 article. Go check it out if you haven’t already 😉

1. Greyhound Cafe
Bangkok’s famous Greyhound Cafe opens in Jakarta with a bang. Rows of bloggers and influencers have visited the restaurant, and thanks to all of them, we’re now in need of a glass of that Thai Tea Granita. Preferably ASAP.

Address: Grand Indonesia West Mall

2. Ardent Coffee
After successful ventures in Plaza Senayan’s Co.Lab and Soekarno Hatta Terminal 3, Ardent Coffee settles in a more permanent third home in Puri Indah area. Offering coffee, a mishmash of Japanese-Western-Indonesian food, and a sunlit space, it is quickly becoming one of the hippest spots in West Jakarta.

Address: Jl. Pesanggrahan Raya No. 168F, Kembangan, West Jakarta

3. Bae by Socieaty
Still a family of the Les Amis group, Bae serves wine and bites in Senayan City mall.

Instagram: @maknacoffee
Address: Senayan City, Crystal Lagoon LG Floor

4. District 7 Coffee
More caffeine in Pantai Indah Kapuk area, courtesy of District 7 Coffee. It seems that right now they choose to focus on serving coffee and other beverages, no food.

Address: Rukan Exclusive Mediterania Blok F No. 2, PIK

5. William’s Casual Dining
Browsing through the official website of William’s, one can’t help but become intrigued (and hungry). The restaurant offers Western-Asian fare with coffee, wine, and cocktails. We definitely have got our eyes on the dessert section.

Instagram: @williams_id
Address: Jl. Tulodong Atas 28, SCBD, Central Jakarta

6. Pipi Tutu
Pi stands for pilih (pick), while tu stands for tunjuk (point). So Pipi Tutu means pilih pilih, tunjuk tunjuk. A very clever name indeed. Although the food is pre-made and ready-to-eat, just like in a Padang restaurant, Pipi Tutu promises to serve hearty and authentic flavors of Indonesian food.

Instagram: @pipitutuofficial
Address: Cilandak Business District 9 Building, South Jakarta

7. The Betawi Salad
With a name like The Betawi Salad, it’s no surprise that you’re going to get a variety of signature salads inspired by Indonesia. For example, the Bali Salad variety incorporates sambal matah in it.

Instagram: @thebetawisalad
Address: Shophaus Menteng 2nd Floor, Jl. Teuku Cik Ditiro No. 36

8. Pokey Studio
Number eight on this New Restaurant & Cafe in Jakarta list is the one on the featured photo above. Pokey Studio is the newest addition to Crumble Crew in SCBD. True to its name, Pokey Studio serves California-style poke bowl.

Instagram: @pokeystudio
Address: Crumble Crew, Jl. Tulodong Bawah No. 1A, SCBD

9. Restoran Mendjangan
Kemang, a swimming pool complete with unicorn floaties, and Indonesian food? Sounds like an unlikely combination, but those three are pretty much Mendjangan in a nutshell.

Instagram: @mendjangan
Address: Kemang 1 No. 2, South Jakarta

10. Alphabeth
Everything about Alphabeth looks like it’s coming out of a magazine. Expect flower-like gelato, waffles served on a wooden popsicle-shaped plate, and coffee served in a glass in the form of a milk carton.

Address: Jl. Barito 2 No. 7, South Jakarta

11. Masizzim Indonesia
One more Korean food specialist has arrived in Jakarta: Masizzim. This one is focusing on Korean stew. Customers may choose what kind of protein they want, the level of spiciness, and the type of noodles.

So that is all for September recap. We’ll see you next month for another recap of new restaurant & cafe in Jakarta!

P.S. Are there any restaurant owners reading this right now? Give us a heads up whenever you plan to open a new place, we’d love to feature it on Fresh Bites.

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