Animo Cipete: Homey Bakery with Pastries & Kopi Susu So Good You Can’t Refuse

Animo Cipete Review

Offering life’s simple pleasure in a fast-paced city is not an easy task, but Animo Cipete does it effortlessly. Imagine hanging out at your friend’s house, sipping on coffee and freshly baked pastries while soaking up some sun and enjoying the breeze. The place can feel cramped and it gets too hot at times, but you don’t mind. Hiding in a quaint street behind busy Cipete Raya Road, Animo Bakery offers exactly those at its petite home.

With only six outdoor seats and around another six inside, getting a spot might be problematic, which is why a lot of people prefer to have their daily dose of Animo via ojek online. But spending some time directly here is quite the experience. From the mouthwatering smell of pastries to the tittle-tattle of ojek online drivers, every hour spent at Animo feels relaxing and fun.

Animo Cipete Review
Es Kopi Susu Animo: Sweet and creamy with caramel notes
Animo Cipete Review
Look for this green wall
Animo Cipete Review
Eat. Them. All.
Animo Cipete Review
Butter Plain Croissant (IDR 10K)

For those of you unfamiliar with Animo Cipete’s history, this bakery is not new. They started a couple of years ago and used to occupy a bigger space in Kemang. When their iced coffee with milk got internet-famous, Jakartans began to notice Animo more—for good reason. Not only Es Kopi Susu Animo is riding on the es kopi susu trend high, the taste also backs it up. It caters to customers who prefer sweet coffee with strong caramel flavor. Associate this es kopi susu with a slow sunny afternoon when you don’t have to worry about anything. It is also worth noting that all of Animo Bakery Cipete’s coffee comes from Anomali Coffee.

Despite the appeal of coffee, the heart and soul of Animo is still the pastry. It showcases the likes of croissant, bagel, danish, brownies, and many more. Butter Plain Croissant tastes buttery with crisp skin and intricate layers inside, while Cheese Danish successfully balances sweetness with a hint of savory. Our Apple Pie’s skin is a bit dry, but the fresh, sour apple fillings more than make up for it. It is almost too good to be true that you can get products with that quality with such affordable price.

Animo Cipete Review
Coffee menu
Animo Cipete Review
Apple Pie (IDR 15K)
Animo Cipete Review
Bread wonderland
Animo Cipete Review
Which one are you most interested in?
Animo Cipete Review
Pastry and coffee party!

Animo Cipete seems to have found its recipe for success: coffee and pastry. Selling up to 500 cups of es kopi susu a day, it’s no surprise that more than half of what’s inside the pastry case is gone by the time the clock ticks to 1 PM. Should you brave the insane South Jakarta traffic for Animo? Yes, especially for first timers, so you can experience Animo’s laid-back ambience. The rest can join the crowd and get their fix with the help from ojek online.

Animo Cipete Review
Es Kopi Susu Animo (IDR 17K)
Animo Cipete Review
The equally famous Donat Empuk Gemes

Animo Cipete
Instagram: @animobakery
Address: Cipete 1 No. 6A
Price Range: IDR 10-22K (coffee)
Google Maps: Click Here

Photography by Jeloy Tirie

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