New Coffee Shop In Kelapa Gading (Updated April 2018)

TOF Sicacilla (New Coffee Shop Kelapa Gading)-100

It has been a while since the New Coffee Shop in Kelapa Gading article was first published on Wanderbites, which can only mean one thing: Time for an update. The proliferation of new coffee shops in Jakarta, particularly Gading, has been crazy. Trying to keep up is difficult, but here we are. We still include the 5 coffee shops on the original list, so jump to the sixth one for newer ones.

1. Six Ounces Coffee
Six Ounces Coffee (New Coffee Shop in Kelapa Gading)-100

Six Ounces Coffee (New Coffee Shop in Kelapa Gading)-100

Six Ounces feels like 3-4 living rooms squeezed into one. It’s packed and yet homy. What I love about it is the seemingly endless supply of imported beans. Here, take a look at the photo above; these are what they have on one of my visits. Coffee snobs, get ready to get pampered! Second, the food is great as well. Sharing the same space, Green Door Kitchen makes home-cooked comfort meals with fresh and healthy ingredients. Gotta love their Reuben Sandwich and Cubanos!

Address: Jl. Kelapa Kopyor Timur I No.2, 14240, Indonesia
Google Maps: Click Here

2. The Caffeine Dispensary
The Caffeine Dispensary (New Coffee Shop Kelapa Gading)-100

The Caffeine Dispensary (New Coffee Shop in Kelapa Gading)-101

While they prefer to call themselves a roastery than a coffee shop, that three group La Marzocco surely makes a statement that they are serious about serving good coffee to walk-in customers even though business is the real focus. The Caffeine Dispensary is somewhat less warm compared to the rest, but it is a haven for those who enjoy solitude. Getting that assignment done without interruption? This is the place to be, especially with the speedy internet connection. Definitely one of my favorite coffee shops in Kelapa Gading to work and get shit done.

Address: Raya Blok O1 No, Jl. Kelapa Kopyor Blok M1 No.16
Google Maps: Click Here

3. Red Blanc
Red Blanc MOI (New Coffee Shop In Kelapa Gading)-100

Part Korean Bakery / Part Coffee Shop. Nothing about the name suggests anything about that two, but maybe they’re thinking of always improving and getting better like wine. Seats are quite limited here, coffee might not be as specialty-driven as the rest on the list, but one thing for sure: the space is cozy and who knows you might bump into a K-Pop look-alike sitting across your table.

Address: Mall of Indonesia, Italian Walk, Blok B No. 48A
Google Maps: Click Here

4. Kopium Artisan Coffee
Hats off to the witty name. The founder must be quite a wordsmith, however, is he a coffeesmith? The stack of filter coffee equipments on the bar says so. The selection of beans says so too. However, I haven’t found myself very impressed with their brews. I will need to give a second visit, but in the meantime I can tell you the place is quite large even to accommodate large groups. A bit too dark for my liking, and not my kind of interior design.

Address: Jalan Summagung I Blok A4 No. 11, Kelapa Gading
Google Maps: Click Here

5. TOF Sicacilla
TOF Sicacilla (New Coffee Shop Kelapa Gading)-101

Sicacilla is not that new, in fact it has been around for a year. However, its presence as a popular coffee shop in Kelapa Gading simply cannot be skipped. As the first cafe around the hood that serves coffee and signature pies, they breed confidence to the newer coffee shops that there is a market of coffee lovers in Kelapa Gading. Simplistic design, superb sweet and savory pies, good cappuccino and very inviting ambience make TOF Sicacilla the go-to coffee shop in and around MOI.

Address: Mall of Indonesia, Italian Walk, Blok B No. 48A
Google Maps: Click Here

6. Homebound Coffee
Homebound Coffee Gading Review

The tiniest of ‘em all, Homebound Coffee. Despite the size, Homebound Coffee packs a punch in terms of personality.  They rotate beans regularly, so what you have today might be different with what you have tomorrow. Thanks to the friendly people behind the bar, I won’t be surprised if you came home with some new friends. And this is the only place where coffee and pempek at the same time seems like a good idea. Read the complete review here.

Address: Kopyor Raya Blok CC1 No.1, Kelapa Gading Permai, North Jakarta
Google Maps: Click Here

7. Afters
Afters new coffee shop gading
The new coffee shop in Kelapa Gading list won’t be complete without Afters, the newest one out of the bunch. Located at Mall Kelapa Gading 3, it is the only Gading coffee shop on the list located inside a shopping mall. Carrying the torch from TOF Sicacilla, Afters also serves signature pies and brunch dishes. As for coffee, two choices of beans for espresso are available every time. It’s a great place to bring your kiddos, because a mini playground is just right next to it.

Address: Mall Kelapa Gading 3, R-15, 3rd floor
Google Maps: Click Here

8. The Hideout
The Hideout new coffee shop gading
The three-storey place is leaning more towards a restaurant that is also serious about coffee, instead of being a 100% coffee shop. Food is available from 12PM onwards, while homemade cakes are available all-day long. Despite using awesome beans from Giyanti Coffee, coffee at The Hideout can use some work. Perhaps another visit after everything has settled will result in something better. Having said that, if you like to hang out somewhere with a warm ambience, you’re most likely going to like The Hideout.

Address: Jl. Raya Kelapa Hibrida Blok QH12 No. 5
Google Maps: Click Here

9. Monks
Monks new coffee shop gading
From the decor to the details, from the savory food to the choice of cakes, everything at Monks feel cohesive. With a heavy emphasize on modern take of Japanese cuisine, expect funky-named dishes like Gojira Breakfast and Karaoke Korokke. Two choices of espresso house blend are available: Namaste and the stronger Turbo. Make sure to order Stone Cake to accompany your caffeine intake and see what the fuss is all about. Here’s a heads up: Monks is almost always packed. Never assume it’s gonna be emptier just because you come at 10AM during weekdays.

Address: Komp. Graha Boulevard Timur, Blok ND1/51, Kelapa Gading
Google Maps: Click Here

10. HOURS: Coffee & More
HOURS Kelapa Gading Coffee & More HOURS Kelapa Gading Coffee & More
With the abundance of warm natural sunlight and a spacious dining area, HOURS: Coffee & More is where you would want to spend the day with your family and friends over a meal or a cup of coffee. Everything about HOURS is fluid, so don’t be surprised to see little (or big) changes every now and then, be it a new piece of art or a customized La Marzocco. The cafe has a private room and a top-notch service team, just right for special events. Besides that, HOURS is also great for shootings and photoshoots—bet you’ve seen photos of its famous vintage truck on your social media. The food is predominantly Western-inspired with a touch of Indonesian, while the coffee is proper. Read more here.

Address: Jl. Boulevard Bukit Gading Raya No. 1, Kelapa Gading
Google Maps: Click Here

11. Monogram Bistro
Monogram Bistro Review by Wanderbites
Monogram Bistro is the first of its kind in Kelapa Gading, both in terms of design and what it offers. The booth-style seatings, honeycomb-patterned floors, and vintage atmosphere are unlike anything around in the area right now. Very South Jakarta, for a lack of a better term. That ambience creates a great canvas for the bar, which offers a selection of attractive signature cocktails, especially when paired with the live music that is available every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night. The food department still needs a little bit of work right now, but it surely will become better as time goes by. Read more about Monogram Bistro here.

Address: Ruko Kirana Boutique Office, Blok A3 No. 1-2, Jl. Boulevard Raya Kelapa Gading No. 88, Kelapa Gading
Google Maps: Click Here

12. First Crack
First Crack SCBD Review by Wanderbites-1Let’s just forget that First Crack is technically in Sunter and not in Kelapa Gading. If you’re passionate about coffee-making and Indonesian coffee, First Crack is a must-visit. This coffee shop doubles as SCA-certified coffee school, and is committed in using 100% Indonesia-sourced coffee beans. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that the space is gorgeous. First Crack has opened a second outlet in PCP SCBD, which you can read more about here.

Address: Altira Business Park B12-15, Jl. Yos Sudarso, Sunter
Google Maps: Click Here

That’s it for now, and we look forward to more new coffee shop in Kelapa Gading. Bet there are new ones in the works as we speak. Stay tuned as we reveal more new spots. You heard it first on Wanderbites 😉

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