Sleepyhead Coffee Gunawarman

Sleepy Head Coffee Gunawarman

Ha! Finally one coffee shop name that is easy to decipher. Sleepyhead Coffee. Coffee for sleepyheads. Sleepyheads can come here, have a cup of coffee, get rid of their sleepiness, then get on with their lives. Easy peasy, case closed. But wait. Is it, really?

The somewhat dim atmosphere of the room says why don’t you stay a while.
The large grey sofa inside asks why don’t you take a nap here.
The wonderful smell of coffee in the air says breathe me in longer.

Sleepy Head Coffee Gunawarman
Sleepy Head Coffee Gunawarman
I swear this sofa is asking me to take a nap
Sleepy Head Coffee Gunawarman
Vintage windows
Sleepy Head Coffee Gunawarman
Unleash your inner Picasso
Sleepy Head Coffee Gunawarman
Afternoon light

Those three, particularly the large grey sofa, are magnets for everyone who walks into the room. Sleepyhead Coffee is a house that has been revamped into a coffee shop, and everything reflects that. Not only there are various types of books provided to prolong your coffee time, there is also a small desk for children to draw and color.

The music selection is wonderfully paradoxical. Famous top 40 songs are blasted through the speakers, but there are two boxes of vinyl collection that represents dads, gramps, and hipster milennials. Think Hugh Laurie (yes, Dr. Gregory House sings blues!), Ray Charles, and the 90s staple Oasis, with Sam Smith sneaking in between. Sleepyhead Coffee offers various types of coffee accompaniment for people with different ages.

The beans are sourced from Kopi Timur. Although I’m not sure what type of beans they are serving that day, the cappuccino is strong and smooth. Very enjoyable. Priced at IDR 35k, it is relatively pocket-friendly compared to other coffee shops. There are also tea-based drinks, some non-coffee options, and simple meals like fried rice and fries.

Sleepy Head Coffee Gunawarman
La Marzocco seems to be everywhere these days
Sleepy Head Coffee Gunawarman
Espresso (IDR 25K)
Sleepy Head Coffee Gunawarman
Yes, Sleepyhead uses beans from Kopi Timur.

I think Sleepyhead Coffee is not simply on the mission to cure sleepyheads. They lure people in with a straightforward promise of coffee, but then set them up in a comfortable situation to spend more time to relax and converse with friends. Or listen to that cool music on vinyl. Read a book, maybe? I can see this place becoming a second home for many people in the area. Until then, I’ll enjoy its anonymity for a bit longer.

Sleepy Head Coffee Gunawarman
Sleepyhead Coffee
Instagram: Click Here
Google Maps: Click Here
Address: Jl. Gunawarman No. 63
Opening Hours: Tue-Fri 10AM-8PM; Sat 11AM-9PM
Price Range: IDR 20-38K

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