Cooking With Bara Supercook

Hi Chef Bara, pardon this non-tv-watching guy, sir. I have no idea who you are prior to the event, but now I have a newfound respect for ya.

It’s a whole different thing watching a cooking show on the screen and actually being in one. The tension of having to finish in an hour. The awkwardness of cooking seriously for the first time in four years. Remember chopping the onions? Not! And have I mention the heat? Bloody awfully hot.

Despite all the drama and the amateur bloopers, I was super lucky to share the kitchen with Febee (Ingredients of Life). I couldn’t imagine the mess I would end up with if I was alone. We named our rendition of the recipe : Ikan #AsliCabeIjo Rock & Roll. Chef Bara’s only comment was that it was more on the salty end. I was happy just being able to complete the challenge in time (while videotaping in between). There were about ten pairs of us, both food & travel bloggers competing for the prize. Arie Parikesit of Kelana Rasa and his team mate ended up bringing home the jackpot.

It’s a whole different thing watching a cooking show on the screen and actually being in one.

I’d like to stop at this point to avoid spoiling more of the fun, because I’ve personally curated the moments and compiled it into one video for all of you to enjoy. This 4 minutes highlight will tell you so much more of the story.

Oh, and while we’re at that, I’d like to welcome you to our YouTube channel : Wanderbites TV.
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There you have it. Thank you Indomie (@IndomieLovers) for hosting the event.

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