Ayam Bakar Joni Paun : Confession From A 10-Year Fan!

Ayam Bakar Joni Paun (Pati Unus) Wanderbites Streetfood Blog-2

I rarely use the ‘D’ word. Close to never I’d say, but for this one I’m willing to break my own rules. Ayam Bakar Joni Paun is fingerlickin’ delicious! There, I said it. And even better, you hear it from a regular that has been coming here for ten years or so.

I still remember vividly during college years back in the days, when sessions were over in the afternoon and we were too lazy to go home and just wanted to hang around for a little longer, we’d hit this place. You know there are only two reasons why students frequent a place right?

It’s cheap.
It’s delicious.

There, I said it again. And I’m not exaggerating. Although they don’t use free range chicken, I appreciate the extra effort of having it pressure-cooked prior to grilling. As a result, the meat is chunky but still tender on the inside. Taste-wise, expect a relatively heavy sweetness as they grill it with soy sauce. Worry not though, once you dunk it in the chili sauce it will work together perfectly.

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Ayam Bakar Joni Paun (Pati Unus) Wanderbites Streetfood Blog-3

How does it compare to other ayam bakar in Jakarta? Around the neighborhood I’ve tasted Bulungan, I’ve tasted Kambal, but I’d still say this one satisfies my palate (and wallet) the most.

What else? I don’t think I need to explain a student’s definition of cheap right? Well then I have nothing more to say. It’s probably the shortest post I’ve ever written, but when the food is that good, it doesn’t need a lot of words.

Here’s to Ayam Bakar Joni Paun. Forever cheap, forever delicious!

Fellexandro Ruby
Instagram: @captainruby

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Ayam Bakar Joni Paun (Pati Unus)
Jalan Pati Unus
Senayan, Jakarta Selatan

Opening Hours:
Daily 16:00 – 21.00

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