Bakmi Lontar Bangka : Breakfast At Its Best!

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Comfort food you can rely on.

Ever had one of those hungry days when all you ever wanted was resorting to familiar-easy-to-please kind of food? Those foods that you know for sure won’t disappoint you? That.

Bakmi Lontar falls in that special shortlist. Comfort food that you can rely on. It doesn’t mean it will suit every tongue though. But I have a sense a good amount of noodle fans will enjoy this as much as I do, especially those who are more inclined to small thin noodles. Yeas, I’m in the #thinteam. Reasons are many. One of which is that I don’t like hard to chew, rubbery kind of noodle. Plus the thinner it is the less guilt of having heavy dose of carbs in the morning. *burp*

Bakmi Lontar Bangka Pluit Tanjung Duren - Wanderbites Food Blog Review

Delish noodle with generous chick-pork at less than $3.

As shown in the foodporn above, spread on top are crumbles of grinded chi-pork. Yes, that’s my personal ultimate blend of chicken and pork, the best of both world combined.

What I would recommend you to take the maximum pleasure of Bakmi Lontar is to eat half of it without any additional seasoning, and then slowly pour in sambal tauco at the amount of your liking. At the beginning you’ll get to enjoy the original salty-savory dominated dish, and when you let tauco comes to play, you’ll have all sweet, salty, savory, sour, and even spicy. In short a party of flavors in a bowl.

Bakmi Lontar Bangka Pluit Tanjung Duren - Wanderbites Food Blog Review

Soymilk to make you feel less guilty of eating carbs. =p

If one noodle is not enough to fulfill your hunger, I’d suggest you to take Tahu Kok as your second main course. Not that it is the best one in town, but more to have a better variety of what Bangka original cuisine is like. The broth is light in form but tasty in flavor. If you noticed the tofu is coupled with a layer of fish cake. Stood alone the dish not particularly special, but again when sambal tauco come to the rescue, it suddenly raised to another dimension. Much much better enjoyed together than apart.

Bakmi Lontar is comfort food that you can rely on.

Further, to have all Bangka goodness in full circle, why not take home a pack of kemplang as souvenir? It is unlike any other crackers in Indonesia. Its hard to chew, takes a few extra gum muscles, but its worth the extra munching energy.

Are you a noodle lover as well? Let me know if you’re into #thinteam or #thickteam. 😉

Indonesian Food FTW!

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Bakmi Lontar Bangka
Jl. Lontar Timur Raya No. 15 (Tanjung Duren)
Jl. Muara Karang Blok O-6 Barat (Just across Permai School)
Telp: 021-92920901

Opening Hours:
Daily 06.30 – 17.00

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