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Bakso Blok Satu Muara Karang (St Nicholas) - Wanderbites Food Blog Jakarta

Some people call it Bakso Blok Satu (1), some people knows it as Bakso St. Nicholas. Whichever they call it, chances are they are talking about the same awesome stuff. As for me, it was a good friend of mine, Cik Elvina who took me here. As someone who live in the neighbourhood she knows many of the lesser-known Pluit delicacy. I owe her for showing me Bakso Blok Satu.

She’s been a regular since the guy who runs it still travel around Pluit and Muara Karang with his cart. That was more than ten years ago. Talking about consistency! No wonder that he has perfected the recipe over years. Today, he no longer have to go from one house to another. His fame has allowed him to open a booth and people come visit him instead.

Bakso St Nicholas Pluit - Wanderbites Food Blog Jakarta
Clear & light tasting soup.

I find the beef soup that they have is a bit light. It’s almost like he purposefully give space for people to custom it to their own liking. A little soy sauce, a spoon of chili, and a drop or two of vinegar. Voila! Their meatball (bakso) needs no explanation. Just by the amount of customers filling the seat as early as 11AM, you know that they got good tasting bowl of bakso. The only drawback for me was their choice of beehoon (bihun). I find it too rough texture wise. Better get the noodle next time.

Bakso Blok Satu Muara Karang (St Nicholas) - Wanderbites Food Blog Jakarta
The must have Instagenic top shot.
Bakso Blok Satu - Jakarta Street Food by Wanderbites Food & Travel Blog
It is actually pretty neat and clean for a streetfood vendor.

After one bowl, Bakso Blok Satu has won me over. I’m pretty sure I’ll be coming back here often. I mean for the price their charging (IDR 11.000,-) it is definitely worth it. Where else in Pluit and Muara Karang can you find happiness at less than $1?

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Bakso Blok Satu Muara Karang (St Nicholas) - Wanderbites Food Blog Jakarta

Bakso Blok Satu
Jalan Pluit Karang Ayu 2
(The housing complex right across Green Bay / Bay Walk Mall)

Opening Hours:
Daily 11.00 – End

Foursquare Link: Bakso Blok 1 Muara Karang

Google Map Location:

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