Ketoprak Ciragil : Legendary Jakarta Street Food

Ketoprak Ciragil Jakarta Street Food (Review by Wanderbites Food & Travel Blog)

When you add ‘legendary’ to a particular food vendor, there’s a certain misconception that follows. People expect it to be the best in town. Most would want it to have this magical taste in their mouth. What we often forget is, taste is personal. There’s a high probability Ketoprak Ciragil will make you happy, but if you hate beansprouts you gotta hate the whole dish. Am I right?

With that in mind, approach Ketoprak Ciragil with caution.

For me, I’ve been a fan since my first encounter two years ago. A friend of mine, Doni took me there and christen me on the spot.

“With the power vested in me, I now announce you Anak Jakarta Selatan. You may eat your Ketoprak”

Its not exactly as it happened. But you get the idea. Did it came with superpower? No. The most it does is, it gives a few variety of how you want your eggs to be. Omelette? Sunny side up? Boiled? Other than that, I would say its the nut sauce that makes the whole difference. Its at the right coarseness with strong nutty flavor. Some assume its cashew nut. But when I asked them, they say its just normal peanut. We’ll never know. Who wants to reveal their recipe anyway?

Ketoprak Ciragil has been around for more than 20 years. They’ve been a regular at Bango Festival. Like many neighborhood streetfood, I’d say they gain the popularity partially for being consistent over the years. Its the similar story here in Pluit we have Bakso Blok Satu. I can find better bakso, but I’m just very well accustomed to it. You’d easily find one near where you live too.

With that in mind, lets accept that it is one of local’s favorite in that neighborhood. It is a favorite at least for me. Just like I also enjoy Ketoprak Pak Muchtar, and a friend who just recommend Ketoprak Pak Adi. So, accept as well that there should be other legendary Ketoprak in your area, just like there’ll be another legendary Martabak / Mie Ayam / Gado-Gado in more than one places in Jakarta.

We got a lot of time to taste them all. Why argue? Let’s just eat and make our own choice of preferences.

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Ketoprak Ciragil Jakarta (Wanderbites Food & Travel Blog Based in Indonesia)

Ketoprak Ciragil
Jl. Cikatomas 1 No. 10
Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan

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