Kwetiau Bagan Bandengan : Try Saying No To This!

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Kwetiau, just like noodle (bakmi) is a product of preference. Some would go to the point of being a fanatic for a particular stall. There’s nothing wrong with it. Taste is personal and everyone’s entitled to their opinion.

I got a friend who pledged Kwetiau Akang is the best he has ever tasted. On the other hand I have others who swore the same oath for Kwetiau Seroja, Kwetiau A-Chai or many others. As for me I’m a proud evangelist of Kwetiau Bagan Bandengan.

It is nothing like you’ve ever tasted before. It’s cooked with a special in-house chili sauce that pretty much sets the color and the taste. Beansprouts and shrimps are the toppings that add texture and flavor. Combined, they create a distinctive harmony it the mouth that I can only refer to as Kwetiau Bagan kind of flavor. I don’t think I’ve tasted anywhere else.

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This stall in Bandengan is one of the original Kwetiau Bagan in Jakarta. I know it because my parents know the guy who runs it personally and they’ve been around for decades. It goes back to when they were still selling kwetiau in my hometown of Bagan Siapi-Api.

Speaking of, I’ve tried a few others who claimed to be selling Kwetiau Bagan but apparently they aren’t original. So here’s a heads up, avoid the one in Fresh Market PIK. It is totally different in taste and style. But do try the one in Golf Lake Cengkareng, it is the official branch Kwetiau Bagan Bandengan.

Whichever one is closer to you, I recommend you to give this a shot. So far I’ve brought 8 friends here and all of them are happy with it. I hope you would enjoy this as much as them.


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Kwetiau Bagan Bandengan
Ruko Golf Lake Residence
Jalan Kamal Cengkareng, Jakarta Barat
(Right next to Alfamart & Padang Sederhana)

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  • ko, udah cobain kwayteow bagan apong belom? itu ada di teluk gong dan menurut aku sih lebih enak dari yang di bandengan. cuma kalau soal authenticity yah aku ngga tau because I’m no baganese tapi bener deh kwayteow bagan emang jenis paling top menurut aku

    • Hi Metta, udah cobain =D Iya klo ga salah Apong ini yg akhirnya masuk ke Eat & Eat kan ya? Suka juga, tapi emang uda naksir duluan sama Bandengan, jadi lidahnya klop sama yg ini haha. Thank you yah referensinya =)

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