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Mie Chino Pasar Santa (Wanderbites Jakarta Food Blogger)

Pasar Santa. The almost forgotten traditional market right next to Jakarta’s CBD is taking the storm with resurrected upper floor. What used to be dirty and uninteresting has now been filled with colorful neon sign, wall paintings, indie music and all sort of subculture stores.

Mie Chino is one of the many vendors that fuels fresh blood into the old brick and mortar market. Seizing the opportunity of renting the place at a reasonable starting rate of IDR 3 Million / year, Oka Diputra risk it all to pursue his passion in food. Words on the street says that he experiment with noodles and flavors for two years before he finally received the stamp of approval among his friends.

Mie Chino Pasar Santa (Wanderbites Indonesian Travel & Food Blogger)

His weapon of choice to win the customer’s approval is mie karet, a breed of noodle that’s more springy that the normal one, also thicker and a little bit curly. A bowl of noodle comes with the optional meatball (bakso) on the side and a lot of love from the hands of Oka Diputra. One thing you’ll notice here is that he does pretty much everything himself, the sort of work ethic that I admire. He knows his way with noodle and even goes all the way by scarfing that white ‘abang-abang’ towel around his neck all the time. A picture you don’t see often and probably that’s what makes people curious about Mie Chino.

As for me, being a noodle fan since God knows when, I’d say I’ve tasted better in Jakarta at the same price range. If my tastebud rules the recipe, I would have it more ass-kicking than the current introvert flavor. I look forward though to their upcoming rendition of bakmi pangsit. It might just fit me. We’ll see.

Well, the road is long though for everyone in Pasar Santa. If this were a zero to hero movies, this chapter is just the beginning. I surely wish that the ending for Mie Chino Pasar Santa & everyone here is a beautiful one.

Keep up the good work!

Fellexandro Ruby
Instagram: @captainruby

Mie Chino Pasar Santa
Upper Floor of Pasar Santa,
Jalan Cipaku 1, Kebayoran Baru,
South Jakarta.

Opening Hours:
Tuesday-Saturday 12pm ’til finish
Sunday 2pm ’til finish

Google Map Location:

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