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How often do we pass Century Park Hotel Senayan but missed out on this eatery? Far too many times I’d say. Well its time to put One Hundred Eatery and Bar on your eyesight and maybe on your weekend go-to list too.

I stumbled upon One Hundred Eatery and Bar few days ago and fell in love with it at the first sight. From the outer facade, the monochromatic sign appeals strongly to me. It shout out masculine and modern. Although ehm, I must admit the kind of food I enjoyed there on my visit didn’t come any close to masculine. Haha. Owell. We will get there but let’s continue my infatuation first. The sunlit interior is Instagrammers’ prayers answered. Matching vintage tiles, wood colors and indoor plants. Beautiful. One thing to note though: its an all smoking area. Might be a setback for some, hallelujah for many others.

100 One Hundred Eatery & Bar Senayan Interior (Wanderbites Food Blog)

Menu’s here are dominated by Asian & Western food. You’ll find Selat Solo and Bebek Cabe Hijau next to Steak and Burgers. Price ranges from IDR 85K – 300K for the mains. I myself had a proper afternoon kind of food there. Desserts and drinks. Ngopi cantik, tea time, or whatever you want to call it.

Having read Fool Magazine’s latest issue about Italian cuisines, I quickly call for Tiramisu the moment I see it on the menu. I didn’t expect much, but as it turns out it was pretty good. Not Gastronomia Paolo kind of good, but very much enjoyable. I took my time to enjoy life through one spoon of tiramisu at a time. In between bites, I had Earl Grey tea as a perfect accompaniment that smooth out the sweetness from Tiramisu.

Tiramisu at One Hundred Eatery & Bar Senayan (Wanderbites Food Blog)-4 copy
Tiramisu (IDR 68K)
100 One Hundred Eatery & Bar Senayan (Wanderbites Food Blog)
Earl Grey Tea (IDR 45K)

I love this kind of afternoon. Sitting in a not-so-crowded cafe, working and me-time altogether. In fact, if you like Senayan area, I would recommend this place to work as well other than Trafique Coffee. Its a little of the grid but has five choices of direction to go to right after you finish working: Slipi, Sudirman, Blok M, Permata Hijau, and Semanggi. Ain’t it great?

I think I’ll be here quite often. Give me a shoutout if you happen to see me around.


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(100) One Hundred Eatery And Bar Senayan
Hotel Atlet Century Park
Jl Pintu Gelora 1 No.6
Hotel Atlet Century Park Ground Floor
(Right next to fX Mall)

Phone: +62215712041
Email: dapour@atletcentury.com

Opening Hours:
Everyday 06:00 – 24.00

Google Map Location:

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