Burgushi PHX: Jakarta's Best Burger

There goes my days of going to a sushi restaurant for some Japanese comfort food, cause I just found a better alternative. Burger sushi. It sounds crazy, I know. But what if I tell you, it’s a match made in heaven consisting of fluffy burger buns and fresh fillings.  And if you’re wondering, yes, I am drooling as I’m writing this review. Here’s more about it.

Founded by 3 young university students, Yosua Sugiarto, Wilson Tjandra, and Andina Dara, Burgushi located at PHX Grogol, serves only 4 burgers on their menu. Beef lovers would enjoy their Beef Wakame burger who stayed true to the original beef patty and cheese in a bun but with a dash of teriyaki sauce, crispy onions, and chukka wakame (seasoned sesame seaweed). Seafood lovers rejoices on their Tuna Aburi burger with tuna dipped in eel sauce and stuffed with enoki mushrooms. Or the Soka Tobikko burger filled with crispy soft shelled crabs and tobiko (flying fish roe). Looking for some chicken? The Karaage Tamago burger is available with its wasabi mayo. 4 menus and I’d say it’s a tough decision to choose only 1. Add an extra 10k to your burgers and you can get fries with refillable ocha. Talk about affordable combos!

I just had to order their Soka Tobikko burger being the tobikko fan that I am. Boy I did not regret a single bite of it. From a first glance, the burger might not look like much but once you took a bite, everything just falls perfectly. From the crisp of the soft shelled crab and the savory juicy burst of tobikko, I’d say Burgushi knows their burgers. I had to try another one, the Tuna Aburi as one burger is just not enough. You know the food is good when you have to order a second serving.

Coming back is an option as it is quite far from where I live #anakselatan, but considering the amount of abang Gojek who came and go as I was enjoying my burger, I’d say it’s available for delivery anytime and anywhere in Jakarta. Yay! Bye bye sushi and hello Burgushi!


P.s : they just opened another branch at Ruci’s Senopati! Aww yeah!


PHX Grogol 2nd Floor

Price range: 30k-50k (food), 10k-20k (drinks)

Google Maps: Click here

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