Crumble Crew SCBD: Hang-Out Spot for Office Workers & Cyclists

Crumble Crew SCBD Review-19

Walking inside Crumble Crew SCBD, one can’t help but comparing it to a similar establishment in Menteng area, ShopHaus. Despite the identical concept, it’s evident that the difference in location, tenants, and design naturally attract different crowds.

Crumble Crew’s resident coffee maker, Cyclo Coffee, is a great example. Besides being known as an office area during weekdays, SCBD is a hotspot for runners, cyclists, and sport enthusiasts on Sundays, thanks to car free day. Cyclo embraces all of that by selling coffee and cycling apparel. It is no surprise that from the get go, the place has become a meeting point for Jakarta cyclists.

Crumble Crew SCBD Review-26
Step inside Crumble Crew and Cyclo is on the left
Crumble Crew SCBD Review-26
Cyclo also sells cycling goods and apparel
Crumble Crew SCBD Review-26
Crumble Crew’s front door
Crumble Crew SCBD Review-22

The Crumble Crew SCBD experience continues with Nalu Bowls’ second outlet in Jakarta. Their six signature smoothie bowls remain on the high-end side of the price scale, but what you get is premium quality. While the Kemang outlet is magnet for teenage girls, this one seems to be frequented by office workers.

Crumble Crew SCBD Review-28
Nalu Bowls’ second outlet in Jakarta
Crumble Crew SCBD Review-28
Bakpao Telur Asin (IDR 25K)
Crumble Crew SCBD Review-28
Bakso Kampoeng Special (IDR 40K)
Crumble Crew SCBD Review-28
Mangan Mangan’s space

Speaking of office workers, the last inhabitant of Crumble Crew is a nice choice for lunch when one is looking for a variation from the usual canteen routine: Mangan Mangan. The menu is dominated by Indonesian comfort food such as Bakso, Mie Ayam, and Asinan Buah, but dim sum is also offered. The taste is very familiar and over all true to Indonesian street food flavors, and pricing point is relatively affordable for SCBD. For instance, a bowl of Mie Ayam costs IDR 35K and Siomay IDR 25K.

Crumble Crew SCBD Review-28
Crumble Crew SCBD Review-28
Siomay Udang (IDR 25K)
Crumble Crew SCBD Review-28
Taking a peek outside
Crumble Crew SCBD Review-28
Bakso Kampoeng Special is filled with Bakso Telur, Bakso Polos, Bakso Rawit, Tahu, Pangsit Polos, Risol

There are only three F&B establishments at Crumble Crew SCBD at the moment, but looking at the space, we’re sure there will be more in the future. It will be interesting to see what kind of tenants will be Cyclo, Nalu Bowls, and Mangan Mangan’s neighbors, and how they are placed. Currently there is no communal space that unites the three, creating a somewhat disjointed feel. Having said that, Crumble Crew SCBD is an all-round solid place to hang-out, especially after hours of Sunday cycling. Coffee, food, and possibly new friends? Yes, yes, and yes.

Crumble Crew SCBD Review-28 Crumble Crew SCBD Review-28
Crumble Crew SCBD
Address: Jalan Tulodong Bawah No. 1A, SCBD, Jakarta 12110
Google Maps: Click Here

Photography by Michelle Sinjobantaeng

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