Rain or Shine, Just Eatlah!

Eatlah Jakarta

Entering the end of September, the sun seems to be hiding behind the clouds most of the time. Rain falls every now and then in the afternoon, and I found myself caught in it just as I finished ordering some food at Eatlah Jl. Bumi, Kebayoran. Located at the parking lot of Cyberhair Salon, Eatlah is a far cry from other fancy establishments around the area.

“Would you like to eat inside the salon? It’s raining,” the shopkeeper offered nicely. Eatlah offers seating only in the form of two white plastic tables, placed on a ground with a twenty degree tilt with no umbrella whatsoever. It’ll be very hot during a sunny day, while rain will leave you no choice but bringing the food home. Or eating inside the salon, which I did.

Eatlah Jakarta
Nothing fancy, just good food.
Eatlah Jakarta
Chicken Salted Egg (IDR 35K)

The main star of Eatlah is Chicken Salted Egg, which also comes in Dory Fish version, served on a bed of hot rice and sunny side up. Whether you decide to dine in or take away, they serve the dish inside one of those Chinese take out food boxes that you normally see in American sitcoms. Armed with a plastic spoon, I dug in.

The flavor of the salted egg sauce combined with crispy fried popcorn chicken hit my palate in all the right places, and I released a few “Hmm Hmm”. It is not the prettiest dish in the world and could use some more lime leaves, but I certainly ain’t complaining! The familiar flavor combo of rice and chicken, added with the creaminess of the egg are comforting, especially during rainy days.

Eatlah Jakarta
Lemon Lime Bitter (IDR 20K)
Eatlah Jakarta
Salted Egg Bao (IDR 25K)

While Salted Egg Bao is too bland for my liking, Lemon Lime Bitter is another hit for me. I don’t think this beverage is freshly squeezed, but I don’t care. If it comes from a bottle, well, I need the name of the brand so I can make one myself!

Eatlah may not be the most comfortable place to eat, and traveling all the way to their outlet in Kebayoran and PIK can be troublesome, but that’s what ojek are for! Though eating inside a busy salon is a first interesting experience for me, next time I’ll skip the rain and enjoy some more Chicken Salted Egg from the comfort of my own home.

Eatlah Jakarta
Google Maps: Click Here
Instagram: Click Here
Address: Jl. Bumi 26 (Cyberhair Salon)
Opening Hours: 10 AM – 10 PM

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