The Fat Pig Pluit, for The Pork Enthusiasts

The Fat Pig Pluit Review

Serving you the most porky experience in town. What a bold claim, The Fat Pig Pluit. What a bold claim. You don’t want to mess with pork, because tons of pork enthusiasts will come to get ya’. It’s game on. Time to pay The Fat Pig a visit and check out whether the statement rings true.

Occupying a red container located inside some sort of car dealership outlet slash carwash service area in Pluit, The Fat Pig is the kind of place where you wouldn’t expect to find a restaurant. The place is simple with no embellishments or obvious sign, so people eating there are most definitely those who indeed want to go there. Or grab a bite while waiting for their car being washed. Passerby? I don’t think so.

The Fat Pig Pluit Review
The Fat Pig Pluit Review
Babi Guling Rice (IDR 55K)

The one-page menu does scream pork, no doubt about that. In fact, it’s almost 100% pork with the exception of roast duck as the only other type of protein. Offering a mix of Balinese and Oriental style dishes, The Fat Pig Pluit offers the like of Suckling Pig, Lap Cheong Fried Rice, Roast Pork, and Char Siew.

Babi Guling Rice, one of the signature dishes, is a colorful plate of crispy crackling, crispy fried pork, sate lilit, lawar, and sambal. The highlights are crispy fried pork—super juicy and flavorful—and sambal—super spicy, not for the faint-hearted. Meanwhile, Roast Pork and Char Siew Rice is a bit of a letdown for me. My Roast Pork looks pale and I wish the skin was a lot crispier. Char Siew is a lot more up to standard, which basically saves the day.

The Fat Pig Pluit Review
Lard is Love
The Fat Pig Pluit Review
That crispy fried pork on the left side of the plate is yum!
The Fat Pig Pluit Review
Left: A Spoonful of Babi Guling Rice. Right: Sate Lilit.

Does The Fat Pig Pluit serve the most porky experience in town? Judging from the menu, yes, it probably is, or at least it’s up there when we’re talking about variety. The taste is not really my cup of tea, but hey, it might be right up your alley. Let us know about your time at The Fat Pig, perhaps a dish you think we should try next time?

The Fat Pig Pluit Review
The Fat Pig Pluit
Address: Jalan Pluit Utara Raya No. 33
Price Range: IDR 50-1200K (food); IDR 8-35K (beverage)
Google Maps: Click Here

Photos by Jeloy Tirie

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