Fuga Grogol, Nasi Daging Sapi Asap Specialist

Fuga Grogol Nasi Daging Asap

Fuga Grogol at PhX has definitely done a thorough research for what constitutes as a complete Indonesian meal. Generous serving of rice? Yes. Beef to please the carnivores? Checked. Spicy sambal that will trigger beads of perspiration on your forehead? Don’t I know it. And last but not least: Is it available via ojek online with free delivery fee? Ding ding ding!

Similar to its neighbors at PhX such as Eatlah and Burgushi, Fuga focuses on one dish and simple variations of it. Their signature Nasi Daging Sapi Asap is available in 4 versions: Sambal Matah, Sambal Tomat, Acar Padi, and Nasi Kete. Considering the ever-increasing price of chili and beef, all of the dishes are sold at a reasonable price between IDR 40 to 50K.

Fuga Grogol Nasi Daging Asap
Clock-wise, from top left: Sambal Tomat, Sambal Matah, Nasi Kete, Acar Padi
Fuga Grogol Nasi Daging Asap
Nasi Daging Asap Sambal Matah

Let’s start with the minced beef. What makes Fuga’s beef special is the method of cooking. The beef is slowly cooked with smoke, instead of direct heat. The end result is an evenly and thoroughly cooked beef, tender with an underlying hint of sweetness. This cooking method is adopted from the cooking process of Se’i, a traditional dish from Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara. The flavor is different, yet easily accepted by our “West Indonesia” palate.

The cherry on top of the yummy beef is the sambal. Fuga Grogol’s Sambal Matah is visually stimulating with chops of colorful rawit, shallots, and garlic, amongst others—all raw and not crushed. The next two, Sambal Tomat and Acar Padi, are also spicy despite the seemingly safe name, although not as intense as Sambal Matah.

Fuga Grogol Nasi Daging Asap
Sambal Tomat: It might not look spicy, but looks can be deceiving 😉
Fuga Grogol Nasi Daging Asap
Decisions, decisions
Fuga Grogol Nasi Daging Asap
A spoon packed full of heat

Meanwhile, Nasi Kete still features daging sapi asap, but the highlight is on sambal padi, which is essentially sambal rawit made using “rawit setan”. Served with eggs and cassava leaves, this dish is the odd man out when it comes to presentation.

With the winning combination of rice-beef-sambal, Fuga Grogol serves what can be considered as Indonesian-style modern comfort food. It also gives a nice intro to food of East Indonesia, something that we don’t find and eat that often in Jakarta. Come to PhX or order it anytime between 11 AM to 10 PM, mix everything while still hot, and enjoy as the heat of the sambal sneaks up on you.

Fuga Grogol
Instagram: @fuga.id
Address: PhX Grogol Jl. Dr. Susilo Raya 324, Grogol
(Also available via Go-Food)
Price Range: IDR 40-50K (food)
Google Maps: Click Here

P.S. Custom your order with extra chili (IDR 5K); extra beef (IDR 10K); or change your white rice with brown rice. For those of you who can’t stand spicy food, do order Fuga’s Nasi Daging Sapi Asap without the sambal.

Photography by Jeloy Tirie

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