Ruci's Joint: Healthy Lunch Break

Ruci's Joint Bowl of Heaven

Never underestimate the power of a good meal. A good meal will not only supply your body with carbs, protein, and other essential fuels, but also put you in a good mood. No kidding. A bowl of Indomie might give you instant happiness, but your body will feel crappy afterwards (not that’ll stop me from eating instant noodles though). Anyway. The allure of a good, healthy lunch took me to the hippest foodcourt in South Jakarta, Ruci’s Joint.

Although it is listed as Nebula Seni in online food directories, the healthy food joint is called Bowl of Heaven, by Nebula restaurant. Yep, the Nebula restaurant from Bali. So I’m not really sure where the word seni came from. Internet, I’m looking at ya’. To put it simply, Bowl of Heaven is the smoothie bowl line by Nebula. Here at Ruci’s Joint, the two are located in separate stalls, but next to each other.

Ruci's Joint Senopati
Ruci’s Joint, a food court like no other

Aside from 5 different variations of Acai Bowls, Bowl of Heaven also offers 5 other smoothie bowls: Pitaya, Sunset, Green, Berries, and the Greek Yogurt-based Healthy. As we wanted something light, the staff recommended Sunset Bowl, a mix of strawberry, mango, banana, and orange juice.

In terms of size, there are other healthy food joints that serve more generous portion with the same price. Bowl of Heaven also ran out of granola that day. It was exchanged with banana, making the smoothie bowl lacking that crunch element. Nevertheless, it was really refreshing and I believe it would’ve tasted better with granola.

Healhy Food Jakarta - Bowl of Heaven
Kopi Susu Tetangga (IDR 18K); Sunset Bowl (IDR 50K)

I actually am curious to give Bowl of Heaven another go, especially because Ruci’s Joint is such a nice place where you can find so many interesting food in one place. Right next to Nebula is the homey coffee stall from Cipete, Kopi Tuku, with their affordable and cheeky-named coffee.

Overall, it was still a nice lunch break at Ruci’s Joint, although I wish there was a separate non-smoking and smoking room. And remember what I said about the power of a good meal? Although my tastebuds weren’t too excited with Bowl of Heaven, my body certainly thanked me later in the day. If you get what I mean.

P.S. Let me reiterate further the power of a good meal. If you feel this article is a tad babbling, well, you’re probably right. I just drank a whole can of coke, thus the sugar high. See? Be careful of what you eat, people. Remember, power of a good meal. Why did I drink soda again?

Bowl of Heaven
Instagram: Click Here
Google Maps: Click Here
Address: Ruci’s Joint, Jl. Suryo No. 49, Senopati
Opening Hours: Weekdays 10 AM – 10 PM; Fri-Sat 10 AM – midnight. Available via GoFood
Price Range (Bowl of Heaven): IDR 50-80K

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