Hermitage Hotel Menteng : Afternoon Tea at Courtyard Cafe

Hermitage Hotel Menteng Courtyard Cafe (Review By Wanderbites Food Blog)

If malls bore you. If all the hip places in Senopati and Gunawarman are packed. If driving to Kemang is too traffic-ky. If you need a hideaway that’s far from the hustle and bustle of Jakarta, then this post is for you.

Hidden in the not so popular corner of Menteng, the recently opened Hermitage Hotel has four dining areas that could easily be your comfort zone. L’Avenue, chic restaurant that serve french ala carte and buffet style. La Vue Rooftop Bar, a cozy hang out place with panoramic view. Hermitage Lounge, safe haven for drinkers and smokers. Last but not least Courtyard Cafe, my favourite of all with its al-fresco area that feels like Parisian courtyard minus the cool breeze of air.

Hermitage Hotel Jakarta Courtyard Cafe (Review By Wanderbites Food Blog)

Hermitage Hotel Menteng Courtyard Cafe (Review By Wanderbites Food Blog)

Originally built in 1923, the Hermitage Hotel Menteng is a restored work of history. The former Dutch Telecommunication office or Telefoongebouw is now reborn as a modern luxury hotel with old-world elegance.

If you head on to Courtyard Cafe, you’ll see that the windows and the floors are reminiscent of the 20’s beauty. Added with touches of red and green, the place is a good spot under the shade to chit and talk. Food here ranges from burger to Indonesian classics like satay or colenak. Drinks goes from a good selection of tea to wine.

Hotel Hermitage Jakarta (Courtyard Cafe (Review By Wanderbites Travel Blogger)

That afternoon we had a few drinks to accompany the conversation. The waiters were kind enough to bring an outdoor fan to help air the area. Thank you! We ended up sitting for two hours or so as it was getting comfier and comfier.

I would recommend this new spot in town as I myself is not a mall kind of guy. But hey, keep it between us okay, we don’t want everyone to know about it.


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Courtyard Cafe
Hermitage Hotel Menteng
Jl. Cilacap No. 1
Menteng, Jakarta
Phone: +6221 – 319 26888
Fax: +6221 – 319 26999
EmaiL: info@hermitage.co.id

Website: Hermitage Hotel Jakarta
Facebook: The Hermitage Hotel Menteng FB Page
Twitter: The Hermitage Hotel Menteng

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