Kabuto Mazesoba PIK: Continuation of The Soba Wave

Kabuto Mazesoba PIK

Kabuto Mazesoba PIK is a another proof that soba is officially the new darling of Japanese food in Jakarta today. Since the opening of Yamatoten Abura Soba in 2015, the ball keeps rolling and it ain’t stopping.

So is mazesoba and abura soba the same thing? You’ll see a lot of discussions on the internet, but technically, yes, they are the same. Maze literally means to mix, and mazesoba is a soup-less, oil-based noodle dish that requires the customer to mix everything inside the bowl, thus the name. Meanwhile, abura soba literally means oil soba, which also requires the customer to do the same. Safe to say, the two terms are interchangeable with each other.

Kabuto Mazesoba PIK
Hello Kabuto
Kabuto Mazesoba PIK
Yukimura (IDR 63K)

Kabuto Mazesoba PIK is a labor of love for Japanese food. It is not a franchise, nor it claims to be an all-authentic Japanese cuisine. Having said that, the team experimented a lot to achieve the right flavors and even got a Japanese partner involved to make sure the taste is acceptable by Nippon tastebuds and standards. Ingredients, condiments, equipments, and ornaments were flown from Japan. The result is one Japanese-themed space complete with two samurai kabuto (samurai helmet and armor), six types of mazesoba, donburi, curry rice, salad, and dessert.

Kabuto Mazesoba PIK
Some of the decor are flown from Japan

The samurai logo and decor make a lot of sense once you see the mazesoba names: Kenshin, Kanetsugu, and Yukimura, amongst others. Nobunaga is pork chasiu mazesoba served with bamboo shoot, corn, spring onions, and seaweed. The soba is quite springy with a nice thickness to it, although not as firm as my liking (would have to order half-cooked next time). The toppings, including the pork chasiu, arrive in generous amount. My sauce choice of the day is original, which gives the dish a soft savory tone, though I would have preferred it to be stronger. It would be interesting to see how the spicy and sweet sauce taste like.

We also give Yukimura the beef mazesoba a try. The beef, which is plentiful, is very tender and rich in flavor. Meanwhile, the rice counterpart of Nobunaga, Yoshihiro, is served in a similar state, albeit without corn and bamboo shoot. In their place are soft boiled egg and fried shallots.

Kabuto Mazesoba PIK
Yoshihiro (IDR 57K)
Kabuto Mazesoba PIK
Eggs make everything better
Kabuto Mazesoba PIK
Look for this sign
Kabuto Mazesoba PIK
All of the dishes come with generous toppings

A major point of difference for Kabuto is how the sauce and oil are already inside the bowl when served—no ritual of adding vinegar oil or chili oil needed. All you have to do is mix. Besides that, Kabuto Mazesoba PIK offers the luxurious foie gras in their signature Kabuto Mazesoba and Kabuto Don, also as an add-on with a price of IDR 60K. For me, the restaurant can be an alternative to what currently is available in the market than a main destination.

Kabuto Mazesoba PIK is a welcome addition to both Japanese food die-hards and noodle enthusiasts. But more than that, despite the long queue (especially on weekends), the team still takes the time to directly ask the customers, “How was your meal?” or “What do you think can be improved with our soba?” That’s always, always a step in the right direction.

Kabuto Mazesoba PIK Kabuto Mazesoba PIK
Kabuto Mazesoba
Instagram: @kabutomazesoba
Address: Ruko Crown Golf, Blok B No. 2, PIK
Price Range: IDR 35-138K (food); IDR 8-59K (beverage)
Google Maps: Click Here

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