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Kintaro Sushi PIK Review

Have you ever been to a huge shop offering so many beautiful things that you’re not sure anymore what you wanted to buy in the first place? Browsing through Kintaro Sushi PIK’s 40 pages menu book—offering more than 300 dishes—certainly felt like it. Our brain slowly got sucked in this decision-making trees with branches full of Japanese food types: sushi & sashimi, donburi, omurice, and bento. Not to mention custom sushi roll and poke bowl that you can create.

After a moment of overwhelmingness, the allure of Kintaro Gyu Kushi Katsu (IDR 180K) was indeed too hard to resist. Think of it as the beef version of tonkatsu. As a result of using dry aging method—meat that has been aged for a period of time before being cut in order to develop more flavor—the beef had a pleasant texture. It easily fell apart in your mouth. Make sure to dip it first in either one of the sauces (tonkatsu, onion, or shoyu) before searing it on the hot plate.

Kintaro Sushi PIK Review
Kintaro Gyu Kushi Katsu (IDR 180K)
Kintaro Sushi PIK Review
Look at that pink beef
Kintaro Sushi PIK Review
Very well-designed
Kintaro Sushi PIK Review
Plastic gloves for extra step of cleanliness

Another menu that caught our attention was Original Moriawase, six nigiri sushi (salmon, salmon belly, tuna, tamago, ebi, tobiko) served on a mini bridge structure. The rice was nicely seasoned and the fish cut had a nice thickness to it, but one couldn’t help but thinking whether the presentation was necessary. Looking at the other dishes such as Emperor Bento (served inside a bento box in the shape of a Japanese Castle) and Flying Soba (presented exactly as the implication of the name), it was clear that every single visual was made for Instagram.

Despite the heavy emphasis on beauty in both the food and the whole place, Kintaro Sushi PIK was serious in developing their food. It is said that all of the recipes were acquired from a Japanese chef in Osaka. Too bad we couldn’t find any info on who this mystery chef was through Google search.

Kintaro Sushi PIK Review
Original Moriawase (IDR 70K)
Kintaro Sushi PIK Review
The famous sushi bridge
Kintaro Sushi PIK Review
Thickness of fish is good
Kintaro Sushi PIK Review
Ebi & Tobiko

Japanese food is all about making the ingredients shine, and we find that at Kintaro Sushi PIK the presentation outshines the food. Not to say that the food is bad by any means, but I have seen this trend of making sushi more attractive with packaging over and over again. To a certain degree, yes, it will invite people to come. But as a restaurant, do you want people to come just because of that? Coming for the first time is one thing, but keeping people coming back for more is more important, no doubt. We hope to see restaurants who put more, or at least equal, emphasize on both taste and looks.

Kintaro Sushi PIK Review
Look for this sign
Kintaro Sushi PIK Review
Expect long queues during weekend
Kintaro Sushi PIK Review
Tobiko in the making

Kintaro Sushi PIK
Instagram: @kintarosushijkt
Address: Ruko Garden House Blok B 21, PIK
Price Range: IDR 15-295K (food); IDR 10-30K (beverage)
Google Maps: Click Here

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