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We have seen specialty coffee making its mark in Jakarta. From a typical tall and grande coffee consumer, the hip crowd has moved to what-beans-do-you-have kind of consumer. Will the same thing happen to tea as well? Will Lewis & Carroll succeed in filling the gap between Sariwangi and TWG? We will never know for sure, but one thing I’m confident to say after my visit : Lewis & Carroll Tea Jakarta is serious about what they are doing.

Evidence #1 — Alpha Dominche’s Steampunk

I’ve seen the beast working its magic at Coutume Tokyo and how it is able to deliver consistent filtered coffee with just one press of a button. And I am about to witness the same thing here, just with a different subject matter.

Lewis & Carroll Tea Jakarta Review (Tea House Food Blogger)-3
Steampunk. The $15,000 brewing beast.
Lewis & Carroll Tea Jakarta Review (Tea House Food Blogger)-4
The panel with all the presets.

So here’s how it works : on an iPad-looking panel, the barista will pick a pre-selected preset depending on which tea you choose. In the preset, the temperature, process, and brewing time have been tested to bring out the best character of each tea. The tubes will then start steaming, bubbling, and doing all sort of science stuffs. Sounds geeky enough? Try connecting it to wi-fi and all the recipes will be available on cloud for use on any Steampunk machine anywhere in the world. If that $15,000 machine doesn’t speak about the gravity of Lewis & Carroll’s effort, I don’t know what will.

Evidence #2 — Twelve Categories Of Tea

Pick one: Black, Black Blend, White, White Blend, Herbal, Green, Green Blend, Oolong, Oolong Blend, Spice, Fruits, or Flower. Then under each category you will have further selections of two to ten tea leaves to choose from. Ain’t that awesome? You’ll never get bored as there’s always something new to try. And all the tea fans say … hallelujah! Price wise, they come in IDR 35K (signature teas), IDR 50K (heritage teas), and IDR 70K (legacy teas).

Lewis & Carroll Tea Jakarta Review (Tea House Food Blogger)-1
There’s something for everyone here.
Lewis & Carroll Tea Jalan Bumi (Best Tea Time In Jakarta)
Don’t you just love the presentation?

Evidence #3 — Beautifully Designed Everything

From the logo to the tea presentation, and the interior to the tea cups, everything is well thought of and well executed. I could picture myself sitting, working, chatting, or doing meeting here for hours, and as one of the founders said to me, they don’t really mind. It is their wish for people to gather and take as much time as they need to enjoy the teas.

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Best Tea Places In Jakarta

Cafe Hopping Jakarta (Best Cafe In Jakarta)
Earl Grey & Chai Ice Cream (IDR 35K). Must try!

Now, I have yet to taste the food (they have a large variety of menu from sandwich to cakes to fried rice) but I can say they know their teas very well. I enjoyed the two teapots of Spice Shadowlands and Island Cordial very much, as well as their Earl Grey Ice Cream and Chai Ice Cream by Eskimomo. I really hope that Lewis and Carroll Tea Jakarta stays here for a long while, as I’ll visit them often from the looks of it.

Best of luck & I look forward to add tea on top of my coffee rituals.


Lewis & Carroll Tea Jakarta

Jalan Bumi No. 4
Kebayoran Baru
Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta

Phone: (021) 2702660

Instagram: @lewisandcarrolltea

Google Map Location:

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