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mamjkt senayan city food blog jakarta

Mam Jakarta (@MAMJKT) had me at “Dear Body, I know I haven’t been treating you well …” written on the table mat. It hinted that they are serious to stay on their 3 Skinny Minnies roots, the healthy track. Then it hits me again when one of the founders, Dian (Yes, the Dian Sastrowardoyo, aka @THEREALDISASTR), told us that the food they are serving is actually the same kind of food they serve their families, husbands and kids at home. I’m sold. Simply because, when you cook for your loved ones, you’d want it to be both nutrient packed, healthy and matches with their taste buds as well. With that in mind, FEEL GOOD FOOD, is nothing short of appropriate as Mam Jakarta’s tagline.

Kicking off the menu on their pre-opening event are basically four categories: Burgers, Rice Bowl, Sandwiches, and Desserts. Thanks to Reina (@REINAWARDHANA), also one of the founders of Mam Jakarta, I get to try all of them in one go. OK GO!

mam jakarta senayan city food blog jakarta
El Patron Burger (IDR 75K)

Let’s start with the talk of Instagram town, The Disastr Burger (first picture in the article). A double wagyu burger with home made cheese and Mam Jakarta’s special sauce, all sandwiched in probably one of the best wheat bun I’ve ever tasted. The right amount of thickness, nicely grounded patty served med-rare, and a size that can easily fit two bellies. Maybe for you and your girlfriend, Sheila? The Disastr Burger might look Lux & pricey at face value, IDR 116K, but good ingredients, good taste and generous size easily make up for it.

Now that we’ve covered the signature dish, is there anything else worth writing about? Definitely!

I’d start with Big Wave (IDR 86.5K), which is Mam Jakarta’s rendition of fillet-o-fish, but instead of using valuemeal Dori, they go all the way on the highway with grouper. It resulted in a thick juicy fish layered with crunchy batter. To top that, their freshly made tar-tar sauce paired so well with fish, so meant to be together, like Cinta and Rangga. I would say this is my second go-to meal at Mam Jakarta.

mam jakarta senayan city food blog jakarta
The Big Wave (IDR 86.5K)
mamjkt senayan city food blog jakarta
Cheesy madness. MAMZZ!
Mam Jakarta Senayan City Menu Harga Review
K-POP Rice Bowl (IDR 86.5K)

Next in line would be their K-POP rice bowl. I bet you could guess what’s inside. Yes, when it comes to Korean, Kimchi is the top of mind. Worry not, you’re in good hands, they match the Kimchi very very very well with the juicy slices of Gyutan. Yes, thats three times the best actress for Kimchi & Gyutan. Kudos for nailing this one, Chef Tana (@ISSAKEI).

Last but not least, Mam Jakarta’s Rainbow Chips, or as I prefer to call it, the unsung hero. It is a simple duet of Potato and its yummier sibling, Sweet Potato. Here’s a tips on how to best enjoy it: get 3-4 different sauces and dunk it in turns. You’d not get bored of it and you’d get to have a glimpse of each founder’s flavor. There’s Honey Bunny (Tana), Fire Hazard (Dian), Snow Patrol (Jessica), Holy Herb (Reina) and Tart Art (Putri). My favorite: Snow Patrol!  

mamjkt senayan city grand opening

mamjkt senayan city grand opening
Yours truly 😉
mamjkt senayan city grand opening
Illustration by the talented Naela Ali.

mamjkt senayan city grand opening

Well, Mams of Mam Jakarta, having Mam-ed all of the above, I’d like to congratulate you all once again for going this far from a home-based business. Kudos! It’s only been 31 hours from the tasting dinner, and I’m already craving for some Disastr with Rainbow on the sides. But it’s 1:00 AM and I should probably call it a night, let the sand of uh-mam-zing food whispering me, lullabying me to sleep.

Until we MAM again,


PS: Find the five puns hidden in this article, comment on my Instagram and you can win a SURPRISE GIFT from me 😉 

MAMJKT (Review Photo Food Blogger)

By @3skinnyminnies

Address: Senayan City – LG Floor Unit L39-40
Jalan Asia Afrika Lot. 19

Instagram: @mamjkt

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