Open Restaurant Jakarta – Double Tree Hotel by Hilton

Brand new in town!

The newly opened Open Restaurant in Double Tree Hotel have the potential to be more than just another hotel restaurant. It is spacious, comfortably-inviting, and located just a little off from the center of Jakarta. It makes a good hideaway.

What would you need more other than good food to top that? Well, we will get there. But first, let’s walk around the property.

Double Tree Hotel Diponegoro Jakarta (Wanderbites Food Blog Review)

Double Tree Hotel Diponegoro Jakarta (Wanderbites Food Blog Review)

Double Tree Hotel
The architecture is well thought of. Huge sun-lit lobby with modern colorful chairs welcomes with a cheerful mood. Instead of welcome drink, they will give you welcome cookies (which were awesome! and deserve a blogpost on its own). Its casual without forgoing taste.

I thing I notice as well is that they give so much vertical space so that the room breathes easier. Views are less distracted too with glass wall. Lastly, location plays important role here. You’ll find that the surrounding area are less populated with skyscrapers giving you a better aerial view of the sky. Love!

Open Restaurant
The all-day dining restaurant serve Indonesian, Asian and Western buffet at IDR 258.000++ (ala carte menu also available). Let me take you through my wonderful lunch course by course.

1. Rendang Pizza (IDR 135.000,-)
Thin crusted pizza with chunk of grounded beef, shrooms, cheese, and herbs. One of the most memorable menu. I’ve tasted an Indonesian take of pizza before, but this one has that balanced equality between local and Italian that doesn’t overpower each other. Good one!

Open Restaurant Jakarta (Double Tree By Hilton) - Wanderbites Food Blog Review

Rendang Pizza at Open Restaurant

Double Tree Hotel Diponegoro Jakarta (Wanderbites Food Blog Review)

Oven baked to order!

2. Beef, Chicken, and Shrimp Satay
Grilled on the spot for fresh taste and that smoky feel you’d want from a satay. Their nut sauce is rather different from the common ones. Less chunky with additional spices. I find comforting to my tastebuds but would prefer it to be more nutty.

Open Restaurant Jakarta - Double Tree Hotel - Wanderbites Food Blog Review)

Beef – Shrimp – Chicken Satay

Open Restaurant Jakarta - Double Tree Hotel - Wanderbites Food Blog Review)

3. #DoubleTree Chocolate Chip Cookies Cheesecake (IDR 50.000,-)
A cheesecake like no other. The reason is two fold. First, the crunch on the bottom layer is actually #DoubleTree signature cookies. Second, as a dessert the cheese are still on a reasonable amount of sweet. The kind that doesn’t make you feel bloated afterwards.

Open Restaurant Jakarta - Double Tree Hotel - Wanderbites Food Blog Review)

#DoubleTree Choco Chip Cookies Cheesecake

4. Detox Me (IDR 55.000,-)
A mix of apple, celery, ginger and orange. The typical fruit juice blend you’d want on a hot day. It is equally refreshing and indulging at the same time.

Open Restaurants Double Tree Hilton Jakarta (Wanderbites Food Blog Review)-11 copy

Having tasted Open Restaurant, I wonder how awesome it would be staying here at the hotel, enjoying the good view and the good vibe. Well enough daydreaming, the additional good news is they’ve just been around for a month. So go, be the early bird, be the hipster foodie you always want to be. Let me know what you think about it afterwards 🙂


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Open Restaurant Jakarta
Double Tree Hotel Diponegoro (by Hilton)
Jl Pegangsaan Timur No.17 Cikini,
Jakarta 10310, Indonesia
(From Cikini Raya go straight, its located right across Cikini Station)
Phone: +62-21-3190 4433
Fax: +62-21-3192 4877

Google Map:

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