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Otosan Suki Jakarta (Food Photographer Jakarta - Wanderbites)

When I mention suki, I bet each of you have a personal best-of list. So does I and they set the bar pretty high. That being said, when I chanced Otosan Suki in Sabang the other day, I try to manage my expectation as none of my close circle has tried it before.

Placed on the third floor of Bangi Kopitiam’s building in Sabang, Otosan Suki is fighting for attention among oh-so-many street food and restaurants in the area. Lucky for them, they are probably the only Suki restaurant within the perimeter. Beside suki though, their menu ranges from classic sushi, fusion sushi to typical Japanese dishes like donburi. A Japanese restaurant is a great addition to the famous food mecca in Central Jakarta. Now, lets get down to the chows!

Otosan Suki Jakarta (Food Photographer Jakarta - Wanderbites)
Three choices of soup: tom yum, sweet and spicy
Otosan Suki Sabang - Wanderbites Food & Travel Blog
Induction stove makes cooking way faster.

Their soup comes in three varieties: sweet, spicy, and tom yum. Those who lean toward sour, their tom yum is a league of its own. My tastebud though, finds joy in their sweet soup. Something unique worth mentioning about how Otosan Suki cook their meat is their induction stove. This allows heat to be transferred better and keep it warm consistently. It also gets hot real fast (within 2-3 minutes if I’m not mistaken). That’s hallelujah for those who came in with an empty belly. The quicker to savor the food, the better.

If you’re not feeling for boiled delicacies, I’ll nominate these two for you to try: Salmon Shoyu Don (IDR 48K) and Summer Spring Roll (IDR 30K).

Salmon Shoyu Don (Otosan Suki - Wanderbites Food & Travel Blog)
Salmon Shoyu Don (IDR 48K) – Buttery & flavorful.

Their Salmon Shoyu Don is something I’d definitely come back for often. Two chunky piece of salmon sauteed to golden with Otosan’s signature butter sauce. Eating this dish was like watching a movie with twist ending. You think you’ve tasted the best of it, but actually there’s something more. In this case its their rice. It’s cooked in butter as well, giving a sweet smell aftertaste as it goes through your mouth.

Spring Roll (Otosan Suki - Wanderbites Food & Travel Blog)
Summer Spring Roll (IDR 30K) – Fresh veggie-packed roll.

Summer Spring Roll I’d say is the antidote to the butter. Fresh on the tongue, crunchy, and very veggie. Behind the rice paper are avocado, kyuri, lettuce, and yuzu dressing. Its perfect as appetizers or as closing dish, right before dessert.

Final verdict, Otosan Suki brings a different take to the usual suki or Japanese restaurant. Like most restaurant, you’ll find menus that speak to you, you’ll find others that you dislike. For me, those are the ones that fit me well. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Otosan Suki - Wanderbites Food Blogger
Chawan Dessert with cheese & maple

Til’ we eat again,


Otosan Suki Sabang
Jl. H. Agus Salim no.57, Jakarta Pusat

Otosan Suki Tangerang
Transmart Carrefour Tangerang, Cikokol

Facebook: Otosan Suki FB
Instagram: @otosansuki
Email: otosan.prima@gmail.com

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