Sate Domba Selasih by Dapur Mamih

Sate Domba Selasih by Dapur Mamih

Forget everything that you think you know… about sate domba.

Baron Mordo asked Doctor Strange to forget everything he knows about the physical world. Drawing inspiration from that, now I’m asking you to forget everything you think about sate domba. Let go of your hesitancy towards this choice of protein, or your devout love to sate ayam. Only by doing that, you’ll be ready to fully appreciate the awesomeness of sate domba Selasih by Dapur Mamih.

Sate Domba Selasih by Dapur Mamih
Indonesian food is love.
Sate Domba Selasih by Dapur Mamih
Simple interior. It’s all about the food.

The most important part of this dish is, of course, the protein. Sate domba Selasih is made of eight-month-old lamb meat. For grammar sticklers out there, we’re not calling it mutton because mutton is supposedly the meat of a lamb that is more than two years old. In fact, besides the utterly delicious smokey aroma, the first thing you’ll notice about Selasih is stacks and stacks of chopped lamb meat, ready to be skewered.

To be honest, I had my doubts at first. Lamb is not something I normally eat, especially at such a young age. Aren’t they supposed to run around the grass field for a couple of years before death by chef’s knife? I try to put that thought aside, put my carnivore pants on, and delve into the world of sate domba.

Sate Domba Selasih by Dapur Mamih
RIP baby lamb
Sate Domba Selasih by Dapur Mamih
You can combine two types of sate domba in one portion.

Selasih offers seven different types of sate domba, each cooked with either different cut or dipping sauce. The favorite Domba Sineret, which uses lamb loin, was out of stock that day. We settled for Domba Celup Polos and Domba Tegal Polos. Both are made from the leg of lamb. The former is more on the sweet side, while the latter is salty slash savory. Despite the slight variation in flavors, they have one thing in common: the meat is the star of the dish. All juicy and free from that distinct smell that puts people off from eating mutton. In terms of texture, there are inconsistencies between one sate to another, which is to be expected, but the tender ones are really easy to chew.

Sate Domba Selasih by Dapur Mamih
Tongseng Domba (IDR 43K)

One thing that makes all the difference when eating animal meat is knowing that the restaurant actually honors the animal. Selasih thankfully does. All the cuts that don’t make it into the sate are not thrown away. They are braised and processed further into a spicy and warm bowl of Tongseng Domba.

Despite the lack of parking space and the crazy traffic around Wolter Monginsidi road, coming all the way for a plate of Sate Domba Selasih is worth the experience. It might be your new favorite, it might be not. Eating sate domba forced me to realize that there are tons of food I haven’t tried yet, just like Doctor Strange never knew about the astral world before meeting The Ancient One of Kamar Taj. Let’s be more open to new things to broaden our horizon, starting with the small stuffs ?

P.S. Dear baby lamb, thank you for your great sacrifice for human kind. All lambs go to heaven. Amen.

Sate Domba Selasih by Dapur Mamih
Meaty goodness
Selasih by Dapur Mamih
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Address: Jl. Wolter Monginsidi No. 59
Price Range: IDR 35-78K (Food)

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