Social Affair PIK : An Affair To Remember

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Never have I felt a place more aptly named than Social Affair PIK. I’m not one for eavesdropping, but when people at the table next to you spoke in such a loud voice about soap opera-like real life situation? How could a person resist?

They conversed pretty much about everything, from weight issues to their drama queen friend, from the new café in town to extramarital affairs. Social Affair successfully created a place where people feel comfortable enough to talk about every single affair that is going on in their lives. The place indeed feels like a slice of your own home, if your home is filled with colorful sofas and patterned pillows.

Social Affair PIK (Jakarta Food Blogger Review)
Well designed. For Instagram.
Social Affair PIK (Jakarta Food Blogger Review)
I beg to differ.
Social Affair PIK (Jakarta Food Blogger Review)
Croissants made funky. From Martabak to Matcha filling.

It’s undeniable that Social Affair evokes a feeling of positivity. The yellow tones inject fun and a ray of sunshine into the otherwise dreary day. The positivity also came from the staffs, who were very accommodating to our needs and readily gave recommendations. Meanwhile, beautiful green potted plants (not sure whether those are alive or not though) add a sense of peace and calm. And there’s always something about an impressive pastry case that makes me feel happy. See? All you need is a friend and you can start socializing.

Knowing that Social Affair PIK is a member of the Cacaoté family, that impressive pastry display is no surprise. There are more than 10 non-mainstream choices of croissant, plus pie, quiche, danish, tarts, and cakes. We managed to fit three croissants in our belly: Matcha Lava, Martabak, and Rum & Almond. The fillings were quite satisfactory. Rum & Almond is an unusual combo that works, while cheese & chocolate Martabak has a lovely nutty twist. Having said that, keep your expectations in check, because the experience is different from eating real martabak. After all, real martabak has a unique, irreplaceable texture.

Social Affairs Coffee PIK
Good cup of coffee. Most importantly matching color 😉
Social Affair Coffee PIK
Layers & sinful filling. Match made in kitchen.
Social Affair PIK Croissants
So many croissants, so little time.
Social Affair Coffee PIK
Almond & Rum. Cop or drop?

Aside from pastry, Social Affair also serves brunch classics and mains that include steak, burger, pasta, and rice dishes. Espresso and manual brew are available for caffeine seekers. On the day of our visit, the espresso bar was stocked with “Seasonal House Blend”, producing a satisfying full-bodied coffee with hints of chocolate, toffee, and plum. There were also Java Sunda Aromanis and Ethiopia Yirgachefe (still on the espresso bar), plus a couple more for manual brew. Plenty of choices to keep you awake. There are also cold-pressed juices for health enthusiasts.

Affair or no affair, it’s always good to socialize. All you have to do is pick one dish or a cup of coffee to accompany your socializing time. Have fun!


Social Affair Bakehouse PIK & Coffee Shop
Top shot, because Instagram demand so. Haha.

Social Affair PIK
Instagram: @socialaffair
Address: Rukan Garden House Blok B No. 17-18A, Pantai Indah Kapuk
Google Maps Location:

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