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My first impression of Trafique Coffee: Damn, this place is huge! For a coffee shop, Trafique Coffee is more like a coffee home.

I don’t know whether it makes sense for you but it surely feels like visiting a friend’s house and he just happen to have proper beans and proper espresso machine. I love the low level of noise here. I love their backyard garden and the high ceiling. It is spaciously comforting. I can imagine stuffing myself in one of the chairs and just work all day. I did in fact for five hours or so.

More like coffee-home than a coffee-shop
More like coffee-home than a coffee-shop

On the food there was only four to choose from. It might be because its still on its soft opening so they only have bread rolls on the menu. So don’t come here expecting for a full course meal. At best you’ll get their fast moving cakes & pastry stuff. I had their brownies. It was good enough for coffee companion, however it didn’t strike a special chord in me.

On the coffee, I find a similar experience. Both Cappuccino and Gibraltar was good but I’ve tasted better.

Cappuccino at Trafique Coffee Blok M
A joyful cup of cappuccino (IDR 30K)
The bar section
The bar section
Meeting Rooms at Trafique Coffee
Meeting rooms that can accomodate up to twenty people

What’s interesting for me is the fact that they have meeting rooms available for rent on the second floor. My life is complete now, I have a mobile working space away from home, in an area not restricted by 3-in-1, equipped with fast wi-fi and a meeting room ready to use anytime I want to. I can hear thousands of freelancers & startups cheering as I’m writing this.

Now, are you one of them too?

If you are, cheers! 😉

Fellexandro Ruby

Instagram: @captainruby
Twitter: @wanderbites

Recipe for a good day
Recipe for a good day

Trafique Coffee
Jl. Hang Tuah Raya No. 9
Blok M, Senayan, Jakarta Selatan

Phone: +62-8788-9848-004
Website: Trafique Coffee
Facebook: Trafique Coffee FB Page

Opening Hours:
Daily 08.00 – 20.00

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  • Ah I wanted to come here, but without any sign outside the place, was kinda tricky to find. I guess this is a (better) alternative to Coma at Wolter ya =)

    • Yes, I think they purposefully do so as they are still on soft opening. But find the number “9” and you’ll be safe. Yes, I’d say a better alternative to Comma in a way. 😉

  • Ah.. Still no signage, eh? That’s why I’ve been looking for this coffee shop couple of times but couldn’t find it.. :)) Will look for number 9 next time then 🙂

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