Roti Gempol Bandung: 5 Reasons We Came Back (Again)

The Legendary Roti Gempol Bandung

It’s located in a small alley that can only fit one car. It only sells toast. Its seating area can only accommodate 15 people at best. However, Roti Gempol or more popularly known as Roti Bakar Gempol is always crowded at any time of the day with sit-in patrons or take-away customers.

What’s the magic you ask?

My Sherlock eyes has observed and discover at least five pointers that stood out:

1. Home-made Bread
Yes, few people notice the small-and-looks-somewhat-neglected house next door to Roti Gempol. It is actually a factory. Take a peek. If you are lucky you’ll see a brigade of bread lined up beautifully. Warm and fresh from the oven. Making your own bread means a full control of its quality and consistency.

Home made bread at Roti Gempol
Home-made bread that speaks quality & consistency.

2. Size Does Matters
Put your toast right in front of your eyes and see. It got some good amount of volume! They slice the bread thick, which makes quite a difference. It keeps the toasted surface crunchy but leave a good amount of soft and airy chunk to munch on. Smart play of texture.

Roti Gempol: Thick, tasty, fulfilling toast with eggs and smoked beef
Thick, tasty, fulfilling toast with eggs and smoked beef (IDR 14K)

3. Great Taste & Fulfilling at Reasonable Price
One personal size toast + drink would cost you less than IDR 25K (that’s 2 bucks at today’s rate). My favorite is still their cold Milo. It was so good, me and my friends went there for breakfast and came back later for afternoon siesta. Roti Gempol are also super generous on both bread and toppings. It fills your belly just right. You won’t need to get a second order. If you do, I’m pretty sure you’ll feel bloated afterwards. Well unless you are the rare breeds with elastic belly.

Don't know why, but their ice Milo taste better somehow
Don’t know why, but their ice Milo taste better somehow

4. Good Dose of Nostalgia
History recorded that this spot goes back to 1958. That means it has already serve at least three generations, mine, my parents & my grandparents. Imagine the number of happy customers they have built over time. Not stopping at that, imagine the amount of word-of-mouth that goes viral.

Roti Gempol - Since 1958
Roti Gempol – Since 1958 : Probably has served our grandparents.

5. Good Friends
I’ve been repeating this mantra for a while: “Who you eat with is just as important as what you eat.” Indeed it was. Enjoying Roti Gempol with four of my closest was the epitome of good times.

Roti Gempol Bandung - Roti Bakar Legendaris-5 copy

Show me a restaurant with that 5 magic and I think there’s no reason it won’t be the talk of the town. We don’t need much after all. Don’t you think so? Or do you think there’s another magic that plays a factor? Let me know.

Fellexandro Ruby
Will go undercover for food

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Tiny but cozy corners of Roti Gempol
Tiny but cozy corners of Roti Gempol

Roti Gempol Bandung
Jl. Gempol Wetan No 14
Phone: (022) 4239469

Opening Hours:
Daily 06.00 – 21.00

Google Map:

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