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Yamien at Toko You Bandung

What’s in Bandung beside worn out tourist attractions like Nasi Kalong or Batagor Kingsley? I asked on my Instagram and received so many recommendations within an hour (Friends, you are awesome!). I got too many in fact, I ended up having a hard time deciding. However, one name stood out the most : Toko You Bandung.

A quick skim on Foursquare revealed that some of the favourite here are their Rawon, Yamien, and Tahu Gejrot. Without further adieu, we blindly followed what the wisdom of the crowd says and ordered exactly that.

We were lucky. Out of the three, two hit the jackpot.

Superb Rawon at Toko You Bandung
Superb Rawon – Smoky meat, flavorful kluwek black soup.
Grilled Rawon Toko You
Can you smell the spices from the broth?

Their Rawon is a must have. Served in a thick black soup, the aroma of kluwek, turmeric, and shallot mingles into one enjoyable broth, especially when eaten together with the tenderloin beef. The trick as they explained was to have the beef grilled beforehand resulting in a smoky chunk of meat. I’d say it is one of the best rawon I’ve ever tasted.

Bakso Goreng Toko You Bandung
Bakso Goreng (Fried Fishball)

Second is their Yamien & Fried Fishball. The two is like ebony and ivory live together in perfect harmony. Although McCartney might not have tasted it but I can say the reference fits well. The noodle is home made. It is Toko You Bandung’s specialty. They even have restaurants all over Bandung as their clientele. The drawback was probably the fishball. If only it came warm on the plate it would’ve been perfect.

Tahu Gejrot. A very generous portion.
Tahu Gejrot. A very generous portion.

Aside from those two, words on the street says that at Toko You, you can order things that are off from the menu and they will try their best to cook it for you. I read someone ordered a Fried Kwetiau with Cheese and they successfully delivered it with flair. He’s probably now responsible for half of Toko You’s unusual customers order. Next time I’m gonna bring Aloe Vera and ask them cook something out of it =p

That’s probably how far a dedication to customer satisfaction can go. No wonder that Toko You Bandung earned its medal of honor as one of the legendary restaurants in town. They started two years after Indonesia won their independence and no sign of stopping.

Keep rockin’ Toko You!

Fellexandro Ruby
Find me on Instagram @captainruby or Twitter @wanderbites 😉

The outdoor are at Toko You Bandung

Toko You Bandung
Jl. Hasanudin No. 12, Lebak Gede, Coblong
(Next to RS Borromeus)
Phone: +62-22-2503332

Opening Hours:
Daily 10.00 – 22.00

Google Map:

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