#IndonesiaOnly : When Googleyness Spread To 14 Travel Bloggers

Do no evil.

Yes, you might have heard their manifesto. You probably have watched The Internship or read the news about their awesome office. But you haven’t got the slightest idea of how Google is willing to do the extra mile in changing the world until they reach out to 14 Indonesia’s Travel Blogger and practically ask them to go wherever they want to go and tell the world their stories.

I was one of the lucky fourteen to be selected in #IndonesiaOnly trip in partnership with Indonesia’s Ministry of Tourism & Creative Economy. Manado & Makassar was my destination of choice. Having born in Riau & live in Jakarta, I’ve been wanting to explore the East side of Indonesia and I must say I made a right decision.

Rumah Kopi Jarod (Jalan Roda) Manado - Wanderbites Food Travel Blog

At the risk of being called a glutton, my itinerary was pretty much hopping from one food place to another. In Manado I eat up to 7x a day. Each and every one of them astound me. Never have I been in a city where there are as many different renditions of pork as Manado. There’s Sate Ragey, Soto Rusuk, Babi Rica, Babi Woku, Tinoransak and plenty more. Not to mention their spicy food. Simply beautiful.

I still remember that day I promised myself to eat just a little bit of everything so that I can spare some space for the next meal, but the Ikan Woku Belanga was so good I ended eating the whole portion myself. I had to rest my belly for a few hours until I can go for my next calories intake.

Mama Toko Kue & Es Krim Makassar-2 copy

Likewise with Makassar. If I can sum it up in one word it would be: seafood. They really know their way with fishes. Try Apong for example. I had their Ikan Kaneke bumbu Parape & Ikan Cepa bumbu Rica. They fire the fish just at the minimum done-ness and add the sauce later on, as if they are trying to say “When the fish is this fresh, you don’t need sauce really.” Unlike Makassar, in Jakarta you’ll see people saucing the fish even before grilling them. Most probably its because they are not confident with their produce. It’s true what the (Add Dish Name) owner said “You don’t want to taste fish anywhere else after you taste Makassar’s” He’s right. I don’t think I’ll ever go back to eating Seafood Wiro Sableng 212.

There’s just too many stories to share just in one post. You can find the detailed story one by one on this tags: Manado and Makassar. But if I could share one last thing it would be how awesome to have experienced this with fellow bloggers. To put together a collective effort in promoting our #WonderfulIndonesia through one of the biggest social media platform. Thank you for having me in the circle. I learned a lot from you all.

Speaking of, I know from the very beginning that blue skies, summer beaches and underwater photos are not my cup of tea. There are 13 others who can do absolutely better than me, so I stick to what I do best. Food. But if you’re looking for those, here are some of the trip highlight from them:

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Betung Kerihun National Park (Indohoy)
Honeymoon Di Flores (Rahne Putri)
Misool, Papua Barat (Marischka Prudence)
Telusur Pulau Bangka (Tekno Bolang)
Surga Tersembunyi: Pulau Kakaban, Maratua & Sangalaki Swastika Nohara


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