Rumah Kopi Jarod (Jalan Roda) Manado : A Melting Pot

Rumah Kopi Jarod (Jalan Roda) Manado - Wanderbites Food Travel Blog

Manado, a culinary mecca of good food, especially if you know where to find them. I’m lucky to have Turang, Wenas, Parengkuan, tons of other Manadonese friends and Kang Arie Parikesit to ask reference from. Rumah Kopi Jarod (Jalan Roda) is one of the most mentioned recommendation and often appears from one travel blog to another.

As curious as I was, I made Rumah Kopi Jarod my first destination. It is basically a stretch of an alley in one of the busiest trading district in Manado. Alongside on the left and right you’ll see people crowding one Rumah Kopi (coffee shop) to another, each with their own favorite dish and deep in conversations. The common scene is Kopi Susu (cafe latte) on one hand and Pisang Goreng Roa (fried banana with roa-fish sambal) on the other.

Rumah Kopi Jarod (Jalan Roda) Manado - Wanderbites Food Travel Blog

Kopi Jalan Roda Manado (Wanderbites Indonesia Travel Blogger)

Here, laughter and greetings are thrown often from time to time. It looks like everyone is a regular here. As I sit, sip in my coffee and sunk myself in the moment, I feel at home. The kind of ambience you get in Kopi Es Tak Kie. The coffee becomes secondary to the experience. It is beyond food. You’ll meet government officials, business man, students and the locals discussing anything from politics to economy, or just having fun and killing time, like these domino-playing men.

Rumah Kopi Jarod (Jalan Roda) Manado - Wanderbites Food Blogger Indonesia

Rumah Kopi Jarod (Jalan Roda) Manado - Wanderbites Food Travel Blog-106 copy

Rumah Kopi Jarod has legendary stamped all over it, as it has been around for a long while and have been visited from time to time by governors from other provinces. History said the street is sort of unofficially named after the fact that the locals used to park their cart here.

The way I see it, all 30+ rumah kopi Jarod is a melting pot of culture and food that goes into the fabric of the citizens. Like most streetfood it also plays a significant part to the society. At approximately 3600 cups per day a lot of people are making a living here and also spent a good amount of their life here.

I’m lucky to have shared a split moment of my life here. I think you should too. Wait, I haven’t reviewed the food, have I? Don’t worry about it, that’s not why you came here for.

Tune in here to more stories of Manado as I traveled on #IndonesiaOnly trip. Oh, and while at that Google+ is throwing competition to win a full-expense-paid trip to Sumatra Barat. You don’t want to miss that. Trust me. See the details here.

Manado, you win my heart (and my belly)

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Jalan Roda Manado - Wanderbites Food Travel Blogger

Rumah Kopi Jarod
Near Pasar 45 (Pasar Minahasa)

Opening Hours:
Everyday 06.00 – 19.00 WITA

Google Map Location:

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