Makan Apa di Menteng: From Vintage to Fresh

Makan apa di Menteng

Makan Apa di Menteng is a continuation of our previous article entitled “Makan apa di Cipete” In this series we set out to find numerous cafés and restaurants around one specific area, so you can spend your time from morning to night there. Whether you’re reading this article to look for an inspiration for your next meeting-hopping spots or for a culinary tour, we hope you find this article useful the next time you find yourself asking, “Makan apa di Menteng?”

Since its birth in the 1910s, Menteng in Central Jakarta has transformed from its original role as a residential area into more of a business district. The transition naturally causes the fall of old-school F&B establishments such as Maison Benny Bakery and the original Tan Ek Tjoan location, and gives way to newer ones. Having said that, there are still a number of vintage restaurants that remain in Menteng, and this mix of old and new have become the area’s own unique charm.

10:00 – 12:00: Giyanti Coffee Roastery

Giyanti Coffee Jakarta Famous Coffee Shop
You can count on Giyanti for a good cup of joe

Need a cup of coffee in the morning to get you going? You’re going to love our first stop, Giyanti Coffee Roastery. Keeping in mind that Giyanti is a part of the pioneers of the third wave coffee in Jakarta and a supplier for a lot of coffee shops, you know you can count on them for a good cup of joe. Earlier this year Giyanti did a huge renovation to make the space more welcoming and accommodating. It’s bigger and better, yet still sticking true to its idealism: one outlet, no heavy meals, limited opening hours, and awesome coffee. Read more about our visit to Giyanti 2.0 here.

Address: Jl. Surabaya No. 20
Google Maps: Click Here

12:00 – 14:00: Gado Gadon Bon Bin / Soto H. M’aruf

Soto Betawi Haji Ma'ruf TIM
Soto Betawi Haji Ma’ruf

Makan Apa di Menteng would not be complete without a blast from the past. For lunch, we’re torn between the 57-year-old Gado Gado Bon Bin or the 77-year-old Soto H. M’aruf, so we’ll leave it to you to decide. Although the price of Gado Gado Bon Bin and its smooth cashew sauce might surprise some people, it’s impossible not to feel charmed by the feeling of nostalgia that has seeped into its walls. Meanwhile, Soto H. M’aruf is perhaps no longer the crowd’s favorite these days, but it still serves a solid bowl of Soto Betawi. And they certainly have one of the few bragging rights: Pak Jokowi has dined there once. Read more about Gado Gado Bon Bin here and Soto H. M’aruf here.

– Gado Gadon Bon Bin : Jl. Cikini IV No. 5 (Google Maps: Click Here)
– Soto H. M’aruf : Kompleks Taman Ismail Marzuki, Jl. Cikini Raya No. 73 (Google Maps: Click Here)

14:00 – 15:00: Kedai Tjikini

Kedai Tjikini also offers a selection of Indonesian coffee

After a heavy lunch, drop by Kedai Tjikini for some Indonesian-style snacks and drinks. Their “Kudapan” section is pretty interesting, plus there are a couple of throwback beverages such as Sarsaparila Cap Badak and Soda Gembira. It’s also not a really busy time for Kedai Tjikini, so you’ll have quite the room for yourself to catch up on some work or snooze on the table for a bit (Yes, we saw a man who did this. We have to say that he looked pretty comfy.) Read more about Kedai Tjikini here.

Address: Jl. Cikini Raya No. 17
Google Maps: Click Here

15:00 – 17:00: Shophaus Menteng

ShopHaus Menteng
Find a little bit of everything at ShopHaus Menteng

Almost one year after its opening, Shophaus Menteng remains as one of the hippest spots in Menteng. With Berrywell, Gelato Secrets, Mockingbird, Pigeonhole Coffee, Namelaka Patisserie, The Roots, Everlash Lash Expert, and the recent addition of The Betawi Salad as tenants, it’s no surprise that Shophaus Menteng is almost always packed with customers, no matter the time and the day. The gorgeous interior does not hurt either. Read more about Shophaus Menteng here.

Address: Jl. Teuku Cik Ditiro No. 36
Google Maps: Click Here

17:00 – 18:00: Restoran Trio

restoran trio
Restoran Trio’s Lumpia Udang is an absolute winner

To round up Makan Apa di Menteng be sure to end your journey at Restoran Trio—an oldie, but definitely a goodie. Restoran Trio offers 319 Indo-Chinese dishes in the exact same location where it has stayed pretty much in the same state since 1947. Although this place has no AC and the loud rumbles of vehicles passing through will accompany your meal, there’s no denying that the food is well worth the inconvenience.

Address: Jl. R.P. Soeroso No. 29A
Google Maps: Click Here

Let us know if you plan to follow this Makan Apa di Menteng article. Or maybe, there’s any other area where we should continue the series? Drop us a comment below or connect via Instagram. See you around!

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