There’s a Cake for Every Mood at Beau

A cake for every mood at Beau

Perhaps there is no more universally accepted food to express feelings than cakes. The ritual of bringing a cake to surprise your loved ones on their birthday has been going on forever. On Christmas, Lebaran, or Chinese New Year, it’s customary to give cakes to your relatives. Tea time with the girlfriends? Not complete without cake. Broken heart? Ice cream is the main choice, but cake works too. There’s something about the intricate layers, texture, and taste of a cake that makes you feel.

A while back when Beau Cikajang first opened, we dropped by and gave one of their signature cakes Mont Violet a bite. Over time, the family of the entremets—multi-layered mousse-based cake—at Beau grow in numbers. Some of the daring flavors are unlike anything we’ve ever seen at other cake shops, while the rest directly take us to a sentimental place that we associate with a particular taste provided by the cake. We believe it’s not too much of a stretch to say this: There’s a cake for every mood at Beau.

HAPPY—The Tropics for an Extra Dose of Joy
Boasting a bright yellow color, The Tropics is the embodiment of the mood happy. It makes you think of a relaxing vacation in a remote island where all you have to do is sleep on a hammock, soak up the sun, and listen to Bob Marley. The fun coconut and mango taste are complemented with a crunchy texture and a subtle yogurt cheesecake, just right whenever you need an extra dose of positive energy.

A cake for every mood at Beau
The Tropics
A cake for every mood at Beau
Coconut croustillant, yogurt cheesecake, banana gelée, coconut dacquoise, mango compote, tropical mousseline, coconut mousse, mango glaze.

PEACEFUL—Breakfast Cake for a Slow Morning
Imagine waking up a little bit late on a Saturday morning, no alarm, no snooze button to push. You feel refreshed and ready to start the weekend with your favorite kind of Indonesian breakfast: honey fried bananas and a glass of black coffee. Breakfast Cake tastes exactly like that. The flavor is quite strong and different from the others, thus you’re going to either love it or hate it. After all, everyone has a different version of what constitutes as a great breakfast.

A cake for every mood at Beau
Breakfast Cake
A cake for every mood at Beau
Molasses cake, caramelized “Ambon” banana compote, coffee mousse, banana mousse, coffee macaron, caramel glaze.

PASSIONATE—Beet Velvet for an Unusual Romance
A  red velvet cake and its deep mahogany red color is commonly associated with romance, but Beet Velvet puts a twist on it with beet and raspberry. The beet, used for coloring and flavoring, gives an unmistakable earthy taste. This cake might appear to be just another red velvet from the outside, but is not. It’s similar to expecting to watch a classic rom-com such as When Harry Met Sally, but apparently something quirkier like Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind is playing instead.

A cake for every mood at Beau
Beet Velvet
A cake for every mood at Beau
Beet sponge, raspberry gelée, white chocolate cheesecake, raspberry glaze.

MELANCHOLY—Jajanan for a Taste of Nostalgia
Think back to that time when your uniform is still white and red. At noon, you rush to those food stalls in front of the school gate, looking for your favorite afternoon snack. Others may prefer fried food and soda, but Es Cendol is more up your alley. If that sounds like you, then Jajanan is the one to eat. Although it comes in a cake form, Jajanan tastes just like Es Cendol with its layers of cendol jelly, coconut sugar caramel sponge, and jackfruit nagasari. There’s something innocent about Jajanan that feels nostalgic and makes you daydream about the old days.

A cake for every mood at Beau
A cake for every mood at Beau
Cendol glaze, coconut milk mousse, cendol jelly, jackfruit nagasari, pandan sponge, coconut sugar cremeux, coconut sugar sponge.

OPTIMISTIC—Astrid for All-Year Round
It’s no surprise that Astrid is one of the favorite cakes in Beau, as the on-point balance between sweetness of white chocolate and tartness of raspberry and yoghurt, not to mention the fun crunch of the sugar-coated rose petal, is a crowd-pleaser. You can’t help but get a sense of cheerfulness when looking at the pink and white hues. Astrid is the feel-good cake, all-year round.

A cake for every mood at Beau
A cake for every mood at Beau
White chocolate cake, pistachio crunch, raspberry crémeux, raspberry jelly, yoghurt and white chocolate mousse.

Have you tried any of the cakes above, but it brings you a different mood? Feel free to tell your own experience in the comments below. We’d love to know your story!

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